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  • $ for Retouchpro - Teaching

    This is based on the idea that some people might be:
    1) uncomfortable putting their work out to the public forum.
    2) be willing to pay for focused "fast track" learning.

    -If some of the senior members would like to volunteer some time to create some classes with tests (each test might include a certain number of images, with specific areas of education targeted) that other members could pay to take, and then they would be critiqued by senior members and results sent privately back to the individual. Members that did this would have the confidence that they had learned an area thoroughly instead of skipping around (I do feel like I miss stuff, not having the time to follow all threads and there links).

    This would need to be organized in a way that easily spread the load among MANY volunteers, but I find the quickest way to really learn something is to attempt to teach it.


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