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$ for RetouchPro - Imprinted items

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  • roger_ele
    started a topic $ for RetouchPro - Imprinted items

    $ for RetouchPro - Imprinted items

    Screen savers, calenders, t-shirts, etc. from photo art images that are donated to the site, could even be broken up into specific themes.

    In fact, if I could browse through the art - and order a print or a t-shirt with the chosen image on it - that would be pretty cool - there is a ton of talent here. And what if I wanted my own image on a shirt - so I could advertise or strut my own work - I bet there is a company that would do it and donate a portion to RetouchPro, or RetouchPro could mark-up for a profit.

    But, I would want it up front what percent was going to RetouchPro, it is sad to think you are supporting by purchasing when it is miniscule - better just to donate.


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