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What I want for Christmas

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  • What I want for Christmas

    It will come to no surprise to anyone that all I ever want is participation. 20,000 people per month visit RP, and roughly 50 of them do 99% of the participation.

    Here are examples of what I mean by participation:
    • Critiqueing Challenge entries
    • Providing thoughtful replies to threads (as opposed to just "well said", "me too", or "")
    • Starting new threads on topics you're interested in, even if it's something you know nothing about (and keeping existing threads on-topic)
    • Adding links to our Links Database
    • Posting product opinions in our Reviews Database
    • Suggesting products and vendors for same
    • Sending in Challenge material (particularly Retouching Challenge) and Archives photos
    • Writing tutorials
    • Linking to us on your website
    • Suggesting a link to us on other sites you visit
    • Mentioning RP on other forums/websites/groups you participate in (and to everyone you know in real-life)

    There's another thread here about donating money, and that is an essential thing to keep our doors open. But it's your participation that determines the quality of life here on RetouchPRO. And isn't that what we really all want?

    I know there are those that will read this and think "I'd like to participate like that, but I have no qualifications to say/do such-and-such..". To that I say "BAH HUMBUG!!" The character of RP is defined by the fact that we make no such distinctions here. No one knows everything, and teaching is the best way to learn.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    Well said Doug. I've certainly made my share of "unqualified" posts.



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      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning