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  • $ for RetouchPro - images

    A thread was recently started that discussed the apropriatness of using the before images from the challenges without the contributors permission.

    What if images were donated for the purpose of selling on a CD - copyright free before images for building your portfolio and learning - with some examples of afters - some of these images could also be linked to organized tutorials. But the main thrust of this idea is the collection of usable images, sure I could download most of the images, but this way I could help out and I would be sure the all of the images on the CD were OK to use, rather than having to check each one.

    Which leads to a related idea, maybe permissions should be listed with each image uploaded for chalenges, etc.


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    Images on websites
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    Hi Everyone,
    I have uploaded some images on my websites. After seeing the original images it was seen that the images on website have shifted colours and even looked lowres.

    I like the images colour and sharpness on this site :

    05-23-2009, 04:30 AM
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    Posting images you found through Google on Craigslist
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    Hi friends,

    I am building my website, I want some close fashion images to put in my home page, I tried many stock images but all images are retouched, I need non retouch images to show my work, I can retouch your images for free of cost if you can allow me to use your images for my showcase,...
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    The Getty releases hundreds of historic images
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    IMG tags
    by Doug Nelson
    Unlike the forums, you can use img tags here. Be careful, though. Some sites don't like linking to their images (I know I don't). And linked images can go dead after awhile. And don't link to images that are too wide.

    And they look better centered....
    11-09-2007, 03:27 PM