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  • Sponsorship?

    With all the discussion about generating money for Retouch Pro I figured I would ask this question... With 20000 people a month visiting the site, 1200+ members and an owner who is constantly improving and updating features, what would be the possibility of getting the site or part of the site sponsored by a company. They contribute money and in return get a small advertising space?

    I'm not sure if Doug is against that or if most people would prefer not to see any advertising but it would be a way to generate some more money for the site.

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    I've been wondering about the same thing. It's nice to have a site without any advertising, but if it would make a big difference in the money being available to Doug for the site, then I'm all for it.

    - David


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      I'm also a member of, and they've had sponsors for a while, but now report that they need more donations from members. I sent some info from that site to Doug. It looks like sponsorship can help, and is something we should see whether Doug is interested in pursuing. We would still need to figure more ways to get members who will donate, but Doug posted yesterday that he gets more $$ now from a commission deal he has with a company than he gets from us, so sponsorship sounds like a good idea.

      BTW -- nice to see you again, Greg! Hope you're getting a lot of new artwork done.


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        Hey Greg! I just asked someone where you've been. When the site first started up, I suggested something along these lines to Doug. At that time, we didn't have enough of a membership that he thought it would be worth pursuing. Maybe things have changed now. I think it's a great idea, and it could be something that would help keep the site going.



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          The fact that the site has grown to 1200 members and has an excellent reputation should allow for at least a small sponsor...if Doug wants to go that way. It might not amount to much in terms of money...and in fact, might deter some people from donating. Sort of a "hey they have a sponsor...why do they need my donation" sort of thing.

          I have been around...just not posting much. I've been really busy for the past few months and have way too many distractions at the moment. Just got cable internet however, so my internet time should become much more efficient!


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            yeah, that could be an issue, but if people are kept updated in the forums about the current financial situation, then hopefully it shouldn't deter them from donating.
            Isn't high speed great Greg? one warning though - once you're on it you'll *never* be able to go back any time I'm forced to use dial up now, I feel like I'm gonna go crazy from waiting.

            - David


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              I'm not averse to sponsorship on any sort of principals or anything. I just wouldn't want it to clutter up things and get in the way. But right now, as large as we might seem, we're not even a blip on the radar compared to most sites that have sponsors.

              Plus the sponsorship would have to be relevant, tasteful, and extremely generous to get me interested

              If any potential sponsors are reading this (ahem), our new Reviews section has the capability of renting control of a vendor's description and item listings (not the reviews, just which items are listed and their descriptions). Email me and we'll talk (Doug adjusts his sunglasses and acts like he's talking on a cellphone in his convertable).
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