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  • Do you belong to or visit's Forums?

    I first visited's forums quite some time ago (18 mos.-2 years) and hadn't noticed much activity, but after visiting today, I can see that the Retouching forum is now very active.

    I also noticed a number of RP members, which got me to thinking: Are some folks moving over there and leaving RP?, or is it a great additional resource -- (what do they offer that I can't get here?), is it an additional audience for your work, and you want to make sure lots of people know how good you are?

    Since we're going thru some "growing pains" right now, and having to think about how to generate enough funds to keep this site going strong and growing, I am seriously interested in whether there are differences between the two sites that could be used to plan for RetouchPRO's future.

    You can just vote without posting anything with your name on it , but if there is something going on there that we could add here, I hope that someone will post some details!
    Yes -- I'm spending more time there than here
    Yes -- But I'll still spend as much time here
    No -- Nothing different, but one more place to show my stuff!
    No -- you'll never recognize my name at that site

    The poll is expired.

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    I couldn't really vote in this poll, because my answer isn't any of those. for me, I'm so busy that I can barely keep up with Retouchpro stuff and email. So far I've been able to find anything i've been looking for here, so I haven't had the need to go looking anywhere else.

    - David


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      I think DP reviews retouch forum is but a small satellite of what is essentially a large technical review site.


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        Since finding Retouchpro earlier this year, I haven't felt the need to look elsewhere, besides, I can barely keep up with the amount of information that constantly appears in this incredible place.


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          I used to visit DP quite often, but only for the forums on photography. It's been at least 2 years, maybe 3 since I've been there. Didn't even know they had a retouching forum there.



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            I visit DP Review just to look at threads on Minolta D7 cameras. I want to be up to date on the latest improvements because I can't afford the latest models. As a matter of fact I just lurk.



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              I find DPreview's site a great place for technical info regarding cameras -- it's the first place I check when I hear about a new model coming out that interests me.


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                I like DP but only for the digital Nikon area. As a 995 owner I find it to be a great resource. But ReTouch Pro is the main forum I visit.



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                  I participate in the DPR Retouching forum because there are occasional threads related to Photo-art, a subject near and dear to my heart. My intent has been to add quality to RP's Photo-based Art forum through things I've learned at DPR and by posting a copy of the stellar, DPR-originated Photoshop photo-art collection of which I assumed administrative responsiblity earlier this year.

                  There is relatively little retouching and restoration content in the DPR "Retouching Forum," where, for the most part, general questions are posted. I can't image anyone abandoning RetouchPRO in favor of DPR based on R & R content alone. While there are several talented R & R artists who frequent DPR, from an R & R content perspective DPR isn't even close to RP.

                  In addition to having gained a reputation for timely, top-notch technical reviews I believe much of DPRs appeal comes from the general interest subject it addresses (Digital Photography) and the corresponding manufacturer based technical forums.



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                    I'm glad that folks will continue to spend time here, even if they also spread their art around on other sites.


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                      Well, I started there and got here from a thread there. I do favor the site but because of the digital art aspect not retouching. I must say the group is the absolute best at sharing and helping with effects, it is rare that someone posts something that is not fully explained in detail and the willingness to walk you through it if you still can't get it. You rarely is ever hear "I forgot" "to hard to keep track of" "lost my notes" or the abscence of response with regard to direction, I think that is it's most stellar draw, they are always there to help and support your efforts.
                      But, there is no comparison to this site when it comes to restoration work and help And certainly nothing to compare to the challenges.
                      Both have their accolades and I for one could not do without either.


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