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  • Buying from Amazon via RP

    Most of you know that buying anything from Amazon via RetouchPRO gives us a small commission that goes towards maintaining the site. And, as I've said over and over, I wouldn't want you to buy something via our site you weren't going to buy from Amazon in the first place (unless you're indifferent from where you buy it).

    But now there's an easy way to make sure RP gets the commission from your Amazon purchases: go to the new Reviews Database, find your item, and click on the "Buy from Amazon" link. If your item isn't listed and you can wait a day, click on "Suggest an item", fill out the fields, and we'll put it up for you (assuming it's not underwear or sporting goods).

    Oh yeah, don't forget to go back and write a quick opinion of your purchase once you've broken it in
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    Great...thanks for the reminder

    Thanks Doug

    I''ve got my wish list full of Photoshop books, etc, so I'll be sure to use the link here when it comes time to get all that!


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      Is it good for too ?


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        I honestly don't know. The links go to, but if you're registered with it should know you.

        If in doubt, follow the link and edit the .com to .ca, that will definitely work.
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          Q1: Rather than invoking the RP Amazon discount feature via an item in the Review DB, is there a way to invoke it through RP if I "just want to browse"? I find more often than not when I buy there it's more "impulse shopping" vs. targeted purchase.

          Q2: If I did get to Amazon via Review DB item and in addition to the book bought, say, some clothes and toys and a Ferrari, would RP get a cut of the entire transaction, or just the book?


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            Same answer to both questions:

            If you go to amazon via any of our links, and simply browse around until you find something you like, we'll get a small commission (unless it's a non-amazon item, which they carry a lot of nowadays, like Target, Office Depot, and their "marketplace"). Actually, if you go to amazon via one of our links and then do anything at all besides instantly purchasing that item, we get the browsing commission rather than the slightly higher linking commission.

            They have it set up that way on purpose. Notice you get no real description if you just follow one of our links. If you click on the link necessary for viewing info, amazon declares you a browser, and our commission level falls.

            I got real torked off about this when I first noticed it, but I can't really blame them.
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            Take responsibility for learning


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