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  • cruel.frames
    RetouchPro Live from outside USA thoughts
    by cruel.frames

    I am in Germany and as many other non-american members would love to watch some of the past shows. I know that YouTube offers the rentals only for the US and that you can't do anything about that. Fair enough. But is it really YouTube the only option? I doubt that.

    01-30-2011, 09:21 AM
  • Doug Nelson
    Reasons for not guesting on RetouchPRO LIVE
    by Doug Nelson
    I thought you might enjoy reading some of the reasons I've been offered for declining my offer of appearing as a guest artist on RetouchPRO LIVE.

    I suspect many of them are actually tactful ways of saying "who are you, go away, stop wasting my time", but still I thought some...
    06-14-2015, 09:05 AM
  • winwintoo
    OK, now what do I do??
    by winwintoo
    Those of you who've followed my somewhat checkered career, know that I've done some volunteering at the local Seniors' center in the computer lab and even did a couple of stand-up routines based on PhotoShop Elements - to rave reviews I might add

    I've had several requests from...
    03-30-2005, 12:00 PM
  • Doug Nelson
    Twitter shows
    by Doug Nelson
    I've got a rough idea brewing in the back of my mind about live informal shows happening at random times. Something like "for the next hour we're all editing the same image" or "right now we're sharing our latest projects".

    Luckily we live in the age of Twitter, where...
    11-17-2014, 12:46 PM
  • Doug Nelson
    Site Update 05/05/18
    by Doug Nelson
    Congratulations on making it to the new server location! As you can see, many things have changed.

    We're on the newest version of the forum software, and it will be perpetually upgraded so we will always be up to date. RP isn't going anywhere for years to come.

    There are many...
    05-05-2018, 11:49 AM