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Possible new RetouchPRO logo

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  • Possible new RetouchPRO logo

    Long, skinny logos don't work so well in 2015, plus I've gotten some "advice" in the past that our logo could use some refreshing.

    I've attached a sketch of the direction I'm thinking. What do you think of it, compared to the old one?

    I'm open to new ideas, as well. Feel free to doodle and attach your own new RP logos.
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    Re: Possible new RetouchPRO logo

    You should have a new logo contest Doug. No voting and you pick out the winner. It doesn't mean that would be the new logo thou because you might want to go another way. Just a thought.

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      Re: Possible new RetouchPRO logo

      I'm too socially awkward for that. I squirm just at the thought of telling someone "you won, but I'm not using your design".
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Re: Possible new RetouchPRO logo

        I just found out after 75 years on this earth that I had a flag designated for me as a Heterosexual male and it is very similar to your LOGO background which I have used for many years incorporated onto my 18% grey scale card to get the right white balance......
        If you still feel that you need to fix something that does not need fixing.. then here is a silly suggestion..
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          Re: Possible new RetouchPRO logo

          Do what apple does. Ive knows best


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            Re: Possible new RetouchPRO logo

            I like the current logo because it doesn't detract from the rest of the site. It stands out a little, but not too much. To me it's part of the "border", like matting/framing around a picture. You want the picture to be the focus, not the border.

            I'm probably over-analyzing this.


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              Re: Possible new RetouchPRO logo

              I vote for keeping the current logo. I like it.



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