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Changing password on this site not secure


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  • Changing password on this site not secure

    I don't know if this has been brought up before yet changing my password for this site apparently is not secure i.e. not over https.

    In this day and age of security breaches it seems that it would be appropriate that for both password changes and login process that this would be done over a secure channel.

    Just caught me off-guard because it has been ages where I have seen/used a site without such protection.

    I would suggest that the site is upgraded for higher security which will help the unwary form passwords being captured.

    Just a suggestion.

    Let me know if I am wrong about this. If I am correct about this, please let me know if this is going to be fixed or not. I would prefer to leave Retouch PRO if it is not going to be changed.

    Thanks in advance for responses.

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    Re: Changing password on this site not secure

    I agree. I recently logged in on my Desktop, and the updated browser (Firefox) gave dire warnings about the lack of security.


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      Re: Changing password on this site not secure

      It's just that all browsers are now demanding SLL certification, and has nothing to do with the site. Besides, there really isn't any data anyone can use to their advantage (except to learn) so it doesn't really matter. Password's main function here is to identify the commenter or the topic starter.


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        Re: Changing password on this site not secure

        Skoobey is right, SSL is site specific. Use a unique password and you're safe. All payment processing (patrons, video rentals) are done off-site with SSL (and better) encryption.
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