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is there a virus?

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  • is there a virus?

    Something strange is going on with my computer when I go into the challenges section. Most thumbnails won't dl, and neither will the 'bigger' pics. Then, if I leave the site and move on to others, none of the gifs at other sites will download, although they continue to try to. I use IE6.
    When I delete all the internet temp files, other sites download as usual, but still, not in the challenges section here.
    Is anyone else having this experience?
    I've already looked over my computer and there's no virus' that were detected.


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    Every so often, it seems, this problem occurs to one or more members. I can't remember all the reasons given, but check the website feedback forum going back over the last 2 months. You may find some answers there.


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      This happens when an image with XML data is placed on a web site. Basically, there is a compatibility issue with PhotoShop 7.0 JPEGS and the Internet Explorer Browser (problem only seems to be with IE). PhotoShop 7.0 places extra data in its images, but using the SAVE FOR WEB options prevents this. SO...a reminder to PhotoShop users...please use the SAVE FOR WEB option when saving your images for display on the web. This will create the best file for web viewing and also eliminate any extra embedded data that would increase file size and slow downloading.

      For more details on the problem click here



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        If you want to view the last thread on this, here it is.

        Sorry T, I didn't see your link (I'm sleeping). The link you mentioned tells more about the problem. The link I posted was the at the beginning of the problem when everyone was trying to figure out what was happening.

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          I had the same problem starting on the 19th. I work at a network LAN WAN company and when the same problem happened at work I called in one of the techs. It seems with the newer versions of Explorer it does not have JAVA script. I went to JAVA did the download and the problem was fixed at home and work.