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  • Manipulation Challenges not seen before

    I was looking through the Manipulation Challenges the other day and noticed a bunch of submissions I hadn't seen before so I figured maybe others may have missed them also. They are in the first 3 challenges. If you haven't visited the challenge pages lately they are really worth your time to check out. I was amazed at the talented people we have on this site and seeing the ideas they all came up with in the Manipulation challenge is just amazing.

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    Yes. Sometimes there's so much new stuff you can just get overwhelmed. You don't view them or reply to them, and even if you plan on replying later they don't show up as 'new' on your next visit so you're not reminded about them.

    There are so many lonely Challenge entries out there with just my lame "good job" "good work" "good description" to keep them company. These people put a lot of time into their work (as you all know because you've done it yourself) and deserve feedback, even if it's "helpful criticism". (or maybe that should read "especially 'helpful criticism'")

    Bored? Take an item-by-item walk through the Challenges. You'll be surprised at some of the things you find there (plus, thanks to suggestions from the board and a lot of effort by the moderators they all have a link back to their display page so it's easy to look at them).
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