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  • Stand up and take a bow....

    It has been mentioned before that some forums are not as friendly as this one - I recently had a negative experience on another forum.

    How nice it is to click on my link to RetouchPRO and know that I'll be among friends.

    Give yourselves all a pat on the back....

    Take care, Margaret

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    I have to agree with you Margaret, I too had a negative experience on another forum recently. I asked a coding question on a coding forum and was told that they didn't care about my question and couldn't be bothered answering it. I quickly retreated and returned to RetouchPro it felt good to be back "home".


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      I spent several years on a photography forum that included several "flamers" who prided themselves on shooting down everyone else. I didn't really believe that this "place" would be different, and kept waiting for a couple of months for someone to show their "darker side" and start slicing me or someone to pieces. SO NICE TO BE WRONG!

      I add my "pats on the back" to all of you GOOD-hearted people.


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        I have to agree with everyone here too!

        I've switched my artistic focus to photographic retouch and restoration based on the fact that the other industry I was working in was sooooo cut-throat! The forum that I belonged to there circles overhead like vultures waiting on someone to ask for help. They are especially nasty to those who are new to the biz and ask questions about basic info. It's a shame. There something to be said about strength in numbers and I would think that elevating the skills of an entire group would be to everyone's benefit.

        Thank God for such a wonderful group of people here!


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          I've been reflecting on what the difference is betweent this and some of the other forums I've tried.

          I think the Salon forum contributes to our sense of community. The ongoing discussion in "Ye Old Original Regards from the UK", Sam's problems in Zimbabwe, the movie and recipe discussions, etc. allow us to reveal ourselves as real people - it's hard to circle like vultures over someone who just last week or yesterday commisserated with us over the loss of a beloved pet or rejoiced with us on the occasion of a new addition to the family.

          Doug is to be admired for first allowing and then encouraging these "off-topic" discussions to flourish. Most mailing lists and forums I've belonged to actively discourage off-topic posts - many will simply delete them.

          take care, Margaret


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            Originally posted by winwintoo
            it's hard to circle like vultures over someone who just last week or yesterday commisserated with us over the loss of a beloved pet or rejoiced with us on the occasion of a new addition to the family.

            Excellent point Margaret! It's actually kind of fascinating to dig deep into the psychology of internet interactions...the "vultures" probably enjoy attacking people online because they lack confidence and skill in the real world. Getting online allows an escape, where people are no longer "people" - just user names. They can say all the things they would never say in the real world and boost their egos to lofty heights!


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              I've been a member of this site since right after it was born, and that's exactly the reason I stay here. When the going gets tough through verbal abuses, that's when I pack my bags. I feel as though I've made some friends here, and even if I don't always agree with the opinions of others, every single time, I feel as though I'm home. People here have learned how to respect other's opinions, and for that, I'm thankful. It's truly amazing that there haven't been more problems than there have, with so many people taking part. For that, I thank each and every one of you.



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                I'm in total agreement with each of you. Although sometimes I don't post for weeks, I come here very often and it almost feels like "home". I always feel good about coming here and reading a few posts and when I need to remember there are genuine people online, this is where I come.



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                  Hi all! My main reason for coming here is the attitude of the people. Very friendly and knowledgable. I only go to the other sites to see if anyone has asked a question I am interested in and they have already taken the abuse. I don't need or want controversy or know it all attitudes. Besides my busy season is coming up(have you seen the price of eggs?) and I don't need anymore stress.



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                    Besides my busy season is coming up(have you seen the price of eggs?) and I don't need anymore stress. -- Bob, the Easter Bunny
                    Please don't forget your RetouchPro folks on your trip hopping down the bunny trail!


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                      Have to agree with all the above posts! I looked around the site for 2 weeks before I did my first post --- did it wrong to boot!!!

                      I waited to get blasted for my mistake---- NOTHING - no newbie comments -- wow I thought, then someone fixed my post for me, don't know who but it got fixed without incident.

                      The critiques are genuine and to the point -- I like that.

                      I am very happy I found this site and all of it's wonderful members.


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