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    On my 2 computers at home the icons and button images are not appearing when I am in the forums. My main PC at work though has no problems seeing these images. Is there a setting in IE 6 that I need to turn on? All the PC's mentioned are running XP Pro and IE 6.

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    I am viewing the site with IE6 and XP and so far so good (knock on wood). Try hitting refresh as well as emptying your temporary internet files...perhaps the site is pulling images from an old folder that has since changed with the server/site upgrade.



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      I've had problems myself viewing icons here since I upgraded to IE6sp1.

      But you might also want to try temporarily disabling your firewall to see if that helps the images appear more normally. A user just reported this helped them. Then, if it is the firewall, just add us to the exception or trusted list.
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        Ahhh, I am running IE6xpsp2. Perhaps they fixed the problem there.



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          The more I read, it seems that it is a firewall problem.


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            There's an IE6sp2? I can only find sp1, and after installing it is when I started having icon problems. I notice it's only on the smallest images, and they always show up when I rightclick on them and use "show Picture".
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              I'm glad you mentioned the firewall possible being the problem. I just disabled it and the icons are back. I'll have to see if I can determine what to set on the firewall to get the icons through. I'm using Norton Internet Security but I have had problems in the past with Zone Alarm too. Maybe I can fix it.


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                I'm running IE6 version 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.030422-1633. I believe that the firewall problem is in it's attempt to add block. I'll play around with it and see if I can get a setting it is happy with.


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                  Cannot see all of a Web page

                  I did a bit of web research. The below is from the Symantec Web Site:

                  Cannot see all of a Web page when (Norton Internet Security) NIS or (Norton Personal Firewall) NPF is installed

                  When you go to specific Web pages, not all of the page is displayed. If you disable some features of Norton Internet Security (NIS) or Norton Personal Firewall (NPF), all of the page is displayed.

                  This problem happens when NIS or NPF has been configured to block scripts, ActiveX controls, Java applets, referral information, or advertisements.

                  ActiveX controls and Java applets can be blocked by customizing your security settings from the main interface. To find out whether this is the problem, see the section "Customized settings."

                  All of these security features (scripts, ActiveX controls, Java applets, referral information, and advertisements) can be blocked by specific Web rules. These rules are located in the Advanced Options of the program. For scripts, ActiveX controls, Java applets, and referral information, see the section "Web rules."

                  Customized settings

                  1. Open your Symantec desktop Internet security or firewall product.
                  2. Click Security.
                  3. Click Custom Level. The "Customize Security Settings" window appears.
                  4. Look at both the Java applet and ActiveX boxes. If either or both are set to block, lower the security level and then click OK. (In the example above, Java applets are being blocked.)
                  5. Try to connect to the Web page again.

                  Web rules
                  If elements of the Web page are still being blocked, there may be a Web rule that is blocking scripts, Java applets, Active X controls, or referrer information.

                  For more information on this problem visit the Symantec Web Site...or click here


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                    How to create a rule to override Ad Blocking

                    You cannot see a specific Web page or some parts of a Web page when Ad Blocking is enabled. You want to correct this problem without disabling Ad Blocking.

                    This problem happens when either the address (URL) for the Web page or the Web page programming (HTML) includes some text that indicates the page may be an advertisement or include an advertisement. The text is called an HTML string. When Norton Internet Security (NIS) detects one of these HTML strings, NIS prevents the Web page from being displayed or prevents part of the Web page from being displayed.

                    To permit your Internet browser to display the Web page or the missing parts of the Web page, configure the NIS Advanced Options to override Ad Blocking for the affected Web sites. This process requires creating a rule that permits the HTML string for that Web site. See the section "To create the rule."

                    For more information visit the Symantec Web site or click here


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                      Thanks T I will check into your infformation. I figured it was the add blocking now I know exactly what. I don't really need the firewall as I am using a hardware firewall in my router. But it's extra comfort knowing I have that little bit of extra protection.


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