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    Since the server change I'm having problems getting the site to display properly, nothing major just odd buttons failing to show etc. Not knowing HTML I'm wondering what the problem is. Using latest versions of IE and Opera. Any clues please.

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    Thanks for that info. I'm a member of a couple of sites with similar forum software and they display ok. I'll sit it out.



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      I haven't experienced any of the problems listed -- I'm on a PC running IE6, using Zone Alarm (free version) for a firewall.


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        using zone alarm pro on my machines -- Don
        Perhaps it's an "added feature" of the Pro software.


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          Try opening the ZoneAlarm (or other firewall software) and add to the trusted zone. The graphics that don't load are usually repeating small icons. The firewall might be blocking them, thinking they're "ad bugs". This is just an idea, no guarantees
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            Another little lightbulb just went off for me! Granted, it's a tiny, dim bulb...

            Since we moved we have a new IP address. Its possible any number of your personal settings are set for the old address, causing an equally possible number of hard-to-detect problems.

            So flush your cache, delete offline content, kill your RP cookies, delete and re-enter any trusted settings you might have previously set in your browser or firewall, and reboot.

            You may think of us as, but your computer doesn't know name addresses, only numerical, like, and all your cookies and cached files are called by this number. If some tiny bit of data is still pointing to that old address, any sort of weirdness is possible.
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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              I just added Zone Alarm Pro to my computer and yes all the icons were blocked on RetouchPro. Lots of little x's everywhere. To fix this I added RetouchPro as a trusted site in the firewall section and make sure it is listed under the sites in the privacy section.

              Still no luck. I even tried turning off the ad blocker, but then I found the magic fix.

              Go to Privacy
              Click on Site List
              Select retouchpro (if it's not there you need to add it)
              Now select options (bottom right of window)
              Uncheck "Remove Private Header Information"

              Once I did that (I also cleared my history, cache and temp files just in case), everything showed up as usual.


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                I too am having trouble . I see one heck of a lot of red x's. It makes the site very hard to navigate.


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                  Originally posted by photomauler
                  I have been clearing the temp files regularly and reinstalled ie6 sp1 and things seem to be running much smoother. If you are not showing the last four digits of your ip you will see the problem almost all the time, that part I figured out.
                  I've cleaned up my temp files and cleared the cookies and still have the same thing.


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                    For anybody using the Norton Firewall and is having display anomalies I solved the problems via

                    Options/Internet Security/Advanced Options/*/Privacy/Referer "Enable"

                    * At this point add to the left hand list.


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                      Thanks for that info Chris. That actually sounds better than the Zonealarm version, where you have to do that as a global setting.
                      Learn by teaching
                      Take responsibility for learning


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                        I've limited experience with Zone Alarm although it seems well liked and one shouldnt look gift horses in the mouth. I tried it for a while but got tired of the constant warning messages which were up and down like a bar girls drawers.


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                          Zone Alarm allows you to turn off the announcement of informational alerts.

                          I lack knowledge in the turning off of bar girls, and will defer to the greater knowledge, skill, and experience of our resident expert -- Chris.


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                            What happened to the Tiny Software free firewall? somebody told me its name had been changed but was still available in an improved form. I used it for a couple of years and it was the most unobtrusive of any firewall I've used which worried me at first but it did the job.


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                              The display problem is licked. Thanks Chris for the help.


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