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Finding Challenges' Starting Images

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  • Finding Challenges' Starting Images

    I probably should post this elsewhere, but I still can't navigate the gallery for the other challenges--I see screen after screen of thumbnails, sometimes I manage to get a full size image (rarely), and I've never been able to find the original challenge photos (except for the photoart mini-challenges).
    The gallery can be a bit confusing at first.

    From the gallery click the home button and the challenges links should show up. You can also access the challenges from the main page navigation menu by clicking on challenges.

    Once you get to the challenges' menu just select the area you want let's say restoration challenges. Now select the individual challenge such as restoration challenge #55. The very first thumbnail should be the challenge thumbnail with the original image. When you click on this thumbnail you should get a large image, and you may have to click on that image to get the largest version of the image. Let me know if this doesn't work you for.

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    Thanks TPaul--it seems to work for me. I was able to find the older challenges that way. On the most recent one, my screen hangs with the loading cursor, but I'm going to assume (yes I know the danger in that) it's a temporary glitch and try again later. My retouching skills are very limited and I look forward to being able to participate in an area that will help me improve.

    Thanks again.

    Update to above: If you have this symptom, try disabling your firewall. I was able to load the pages after doing that. More advanced users can guide you in configuration so it isn't necessary to disable it.
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      Hi T Paul.

      I follow the instructions above and I find Restoration Challenge #85 (The latest one) and then down at the bottom of the list is Restoration Challenge #37 But I know this is not the earliest one.
      I have seen earlier Restoration Challenge pictures at the top of the Home page and I guess these challenges start at Restoration Challenge #1.
      My question is how do I access the challenges before Restoration Challenge #37?
      It seems that there should be another page but I cannot find it. Or are Challenges 1 to 36 now Closed?



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        Earlier Challenges Location

        This link will take you to the early challenges.

        Early Challenges and More

        Basically the Challenge Forum is an addition to the main forum, so challenges before the new software don't show over in the Challenge's Forum.
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          Thank You T. Paul That link works fine. It takes me to All the early Challenges. Restoration, Manipulation, Retouching and Photo Art.



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            Hi T. Paul.

            The link above worked fine at first but now the link takes me back to the home page.

            The older challenges have disappeared again?



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              The older challenges may be no more since they were prior to the current challenge software. I will see what I can find out.


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                The older challenges have pretty much been phased out but you can still access them here:

                Older Challenges

                The issue is that since they are not part of the new challenge software you most likely won't get any feedback on your work.


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                  Hi T. Paul.

                  Thank You for finding the new link.



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