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  • Spam protection?


    Just wondering how the spam protection on the new website works? (Great update by the way, although links to old threads broke). Yesterday I was unable to post comments in a thread. When I clicked "Post" the post went blank and just said "unauthorized". If I reloaded it was gone. Tried 3 times before I gave up. Maybe because I had a dropbox-link to a PSD in my post? What can cause this? It's a bit frustrating after spending time writing a long comment to have it vanish.

    Also, today I was making edits to a post of mine ( - that caused the *ENTIRE THREAD* to disappear as it was the first post. Said it got tagged as "spam" and has to be approved by someone. The last edit that triggered it was literally me adding " v2" at the end of a line.

    What do we need to do to avoid getting accidentally flagged as spam when posting/editing?

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    It seems it might happen if making an edit to an existing post, and the only edit is changing a URL.

    I had an old post linking to the now spam-removed thread (would be nice if it could be approved), and I notice that if I edited the post, and all I did was change the URL (to it got flagged as spam and hidden. If I however also made text changes, then it would not get flagged.

    Is anyone actually reviewing things flagged as spam or do such posts disappear into the void so they should be remade?


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      Sorry, the antispam thing is an algorithm, I'm not even sure how it works. I approved all your posts.


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        Yep, it was clearly automated.
        Thanks for getting them approved. I will try to avoid triggering it again. Just got to be careful when making link edits I think.


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          If anyone goes to it still just says "not authorized" (and it's not visible in the forum thread list).
          Could you look again?

          If not I'll just have to restart the thread and go around editing all references to it, and I'd rather avoid it.
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            Don't know why it got filtered, but I approved it. Found one other while I was at it (another user). 2 out of 34k got filtered. Let me know if you see other problems.


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              Thank you, it is back now.