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    Hi All - a question: Is there a way to save favorite posts? I looked at the faq and even did a search but nothing came up. I have lurked here forever but now plan to participate more. I keep running across wonderful techniques or solutions but am at a loss to keep track of them. Should I just cut and past to a Word Document or something? Tips & techniques anyone?


    Linda J

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    You should be able to bookmark them in your browser.
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      If you want to save them to your computer you can do a screen capture or print the thread to PDF. Of course, this does not save the image that might link from a post, but you could downlaod that and keep it with what you saved.


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        I tested a couple of threads I want to keep by adding them to my Favorites and it worked like I dream. Thanks for the help!



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          Hi Linda, when I first started visiting this site, I was adding pages to my favorites and in a short time, I realized that I had so many favorites, I might as well let Doug keep track of them and use the search facility to locate what I wanted.

          Also, if you want to find a particular link, create a thread and ask about it - doing so serves as a reminder to the rest of us.

          Hope you enjoy your time here, welcome to RetouchPRO.



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            Yes my preference would be to use the search facility - only problem is there are some threads that are tough to search for and those are the ones I will want to keep if it is something I think I'll want in the future. Example: There was a thread titled something like "New Technique" that I saw briefly the other day. I didn't have time to read it and when I went to look for it a week later I couldn't think of good search terms because I hadn't read the thread in detail. I did find it but it took some sifting.

            Thanks for the warm welcome - I've lurked here off and on for a long time - I think I was one of the earliest to sign up when Doug set the original site up. I decided to become more of an active member (and will put my $$ where my mouth is!). There is a wealth of knowledge here....the people are nice....and the site software is a treat to use now that I have dsl and can download pics quickly.



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