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  • Last comment over a week old

    It just noticed the last comment made over in our Member Gallery was 8 days ago. Comments in our Challenges are more timely, but very sparse.

    C'mon guys, our friends have worked hard on these images, and put them up specifically because they wanted you to see them and leave feedback.

    I know the interface isn't as friendly as these forums, but it's not UNfriendly either.

    So pop over to our Gallery and the Challenges and offer your support to other members. Don't be fake, but your questions and applause (or raspberries) are what's necessary to keep interest up in participating and image posting.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    Oh Oh! Guilty as charged. I'm going to bee bop over there right now and express my onion (oops typo. I mean opinion).



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      I'm as guilty as the next person.
      Truth is, I would like to comment on all photos, but there are so many, and so little time.

      Something about this site that I've noticed - members have the ability to quickly and easily rate a forum thread (not really a feature I would use), but not the challenges or other photos in the gallery.

      I know Doug doesn't want this to be a contest, and perhaps one might think a rating system would give that impression. However, if there are no "prizes", "awards", etc, it's just a rating system, and maybe a way to comment.


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        Gallery Comments

        Also note in the gallery that the comment number reflected under each image may be misleading. If you sort the images by one of the recent post options such as “last day”, “last 7 days” and so on the comment number will reflect the number of comments on that particular image. However, if you sort the images by one of the sort by options such as “most active”, “latest” and so on the comment number will reflect the total number of comments made on ALL the images in that person’s gallery vs. the image being shown. That thumbnail is just a representation of the gallery as a whole. Keep this in mind as you surf the gallery. Basically the recent post options sort by individual images and the sort by options sort by the member's entire gallery.

        Okay, I’ve been playing with the gallery. One other note; if you click "show all images", then click one of the sort by options such as "most active", then the comments will reflect individual images vs. the member's entire gallery. It seems that the only time that the stats reflect the member's entire gallery is when you click on one of the soft by options without selecting view all images first.
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          I just wanted to take a minute to say how pleased I am at the quality of the work being posted over in our Gallery . If you haven't checked it out recently, you owe yourself a treat. We recently passed the 100 pictures mark (and there's room for plenty more).

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          Okay this is I hope going to be interesting. After a few mentions in other threads I thought I would start a poll.

          How oftern do you visit and comment on the gallery?

          This will probably run in parellel to [email protected] thread on how oftern do you visit the forums.
          Once a day
          Once a week
          Once a month / hardly ever
          What Gallery????
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          Could somebody steer me in the right direction?
          I can't figure out how to use the Gallery.
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          RT Gallery
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          Hi all,

          My partner and I have set up a gallery and would like you all to visit. There are some absolutely beautiful images of Tasmania, from a variety of home grown, Tasmanian, photographers.

          Check it out and let me know what you think, Thanks

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