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  • We need your bookmarks

    OK, I got the bugs out of the new software (most of them, anyway). There's still a couple of ugly pages, but that's my fault and not the programmer's. I'm fixing them as I spot them (you'd be surprised at how many there are).

    So, what have I been babbling about, you ask?

    Our links page is now database driven. A powerful mySQL backend, the same type that drives this forum, now will let us store and categorize our favorite bookmarks for everyone to share.

    More than just a link storage page, it allows descriptions (requires, in fact), continually checks for dead links and duplicate links, has password-protected access to individual links (so only the owner can update them), and eventually will even be tied in with this forum to unlock a bunch of other features that I currently have disabled.

    So, why should you care? We need your bookmarks. All your relevant bookmarks, that is. Take some time and put in your favorite sites (don't forget an accurate description). If you can't figure out which category they go in, put them in misc. and I'll move them.

    If nothing else, at least put in your own website (assuming you have one, and you should by now).

    Got some extra time? Hit Yahoo or Google and pick a category you think would be handy for us and start inputting them.

    I'd also like input on more categories and anything else you think would improve how things work. And be sure to tell me if you spot a bug
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    OK, I ditched the links database program I was so keen on and replaced it with a much better one. The old one was buggy, and getting support was a nightmare. This new one has an excellent reputation and the support is a dream.

    It was much more expensive, though (you get what you pay for, I guess).

    I'll be fiddling with the physical appearance over the upcoming weeks to make it look more like part of the site, but rest assured it's running excellently in spite of the current ugliness.

    I'll be adding features, too, as time goes on. But right now it will do exactly what we need, and much better than the old one.

    I haven't imported the existing links yet (another bug in the old software) but I will, so don't bother inputting links you know you already added.

    Additionally, it's moderated, so your links won't appear until manually approved.

    So this is it, I won't be changing software again. Dig though your best relevant links and add them to the appropriate category. Take your time, but please add as many as you can think of. Soon this will be the single best resource for retouching and restoration links.
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      Ok, the new software is debugged, and running solid as a rock. This really is a little tank of a program.

      I'm about 90% done in the looks department (irrelevant, but bothers me). And all old links are imported.

      So now it's up to YOU <some times I can be sooo subtle><this is not one of those times >

      We need links! Good ones. Relevant ones. Don't be afraid of putting it in the wrong place. If in doubt, "Misc." and I'll straighten it out later.

      Don't be shy about suggesting new categories, either (but expect me to hit you up for links if you suggest one! )

      In case you're wondering, the link is here
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        I don't know if this means anything, but I checked it out and a message appeared that I was not logged in. Other than that, it looks good.



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          That's harmless. You can still enter links with no problem.

          That's one of the "additional features" coming soon.
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            In the few short months that I've been here, I've seen a great deal of improvement, didn't think you could do that to perfection.

            With your guidance and the wonderful users on here, I think you've already done a service to the dicipline we follow.

            <raises a pint to you>



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              The omnivorous, insatiable links demon needs feeding.

              My biggest surprises so far are a) no one seems to have a personal homepage (or wants to share it), b) very few business websites for restoration seem to be evident, c) no one wants us to visit their online photo albums.

              And, as always, we want your favorite Photoshop, retouching, photography, genealogy, conservation, supplier, etc. links.

              Although it did occur to me that perhaps I'm the only one hellbent on sharing my trade secrets
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                You can take a look at some of my photos at

                These are nothing spectacular, just playing around with my new digital camera.

                Let me know what you think.

                Paul Rupp


                • #9
                  I hope I did that right, just added my web portfolio link to the links page. I really like the way it is set up and have viewed all other restoration links and think you all have done great work. I just got my website up and running and will now update it in the next week with many more pages and examples. I should have waited to submit until I was completely finished but figured I better do it now! If I wait....could forget, chicken out....procrastinate you name it


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                    Although I appreciate you sharing your link, the idea is to add it to our database here
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                      My mistake!

                      Paul Rupp


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