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  • Arrows

    Has anyone noticed the little arrows that are on the bottom left of every non-forum site page? I put them there a couple of months ago and forgot all about them. I was just curious if anyone had tried them, found them useful, annoying, etc.?
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  • #2
    curious....but not curious enough

    until now. Yes I've noticed them.
    Yes, I even wondered what they were/did/led to/meant
    Nope Never tried them, sooooooooo
    Nope didn't find them annoying
    I must admit, if they were on a challenge, I'd likely clone um!
    Now, I'll check them out


    • #3
      Well, I've checked out the little arrows and see where they lead.
      I have to say, that unless they have family or friends who are terribly fond of them, get rid of um!
      What they do is already done so many other ways....just clutter to me.


      • #4
        Nope, never noticed them before. The little triangle looking white arrows on the left bottom of the page you mean? Why only on the non-forum pages? I would like that top of the page one on some of these long forum pages.


        • #5
          second thoughts

          welllllllllll, it's a woman's right to change her mind.
          I've used the little dickens several times today, and there're not so bad I change my vote. Specially since they're so little, and since sometimes, every/any little bit of help is needed, , they're ok.


          • #6
            If they are what I think you mean: Saw 'em. Didnt press 'em. Every time I press something new bad things happen. Very bad things. Tom


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