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Zen and the Art of RP Maintenance

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  • Zen and the Art of RP Maintenance

    In case anyone ever wondered about my avatar (or was even remotely considering running their own large website) let me tell you how I spent yesterday while you all were getting the "forum down" error message:

    very loose paraphrase of a web-based support session

    me: My database is corrupt and when I run the repair utility it gives me an error. Can you determine the cause of this error? I must run the repair utility very frequently to maintain my site.

    them: Which database would you like us to repair?

    me: No, I need to be able to repair the site myself.

    them: You can repair the database by running the repair utility.

    me: I know how to repair it, but it's giving me an error. Can you determine why I'm getting an error? No one can access my website until this is fixed.

    them: I just pinged your domain, no one should have any trouble accessing your site

    me: My network is running fine, no one can access my site because the database has been corrupted.

    them: You need to run the database repair utility. It is located on your site control panel.

    me: I know where the repair utility is located, I've run it several times. It errors out and I need you to determine why.

    Many exchanges later:

    them: We have repaired your database.

    me: Thank you, but I need to be able to do my own maintenance. Did you determine why it was erroring out?

    them: You can do your own maintenance by running the repair utility.

    To get the full effect, insert a 1/2 hour wait between each reply, end each reply with "Thank you, and please contact us if we can be of any more assistance", and have each response sent by a different tech, most (or all) of them from India.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    Wow! I've been there and can fully appreciate your avatar!


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      You need to get your application in for sainthood, if you need a counter signatory I'll happily oblige.

      ps. Is there a dent in the desk yet.


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        i share your pain, buddy...

        i had similar talk few weeks ago, when we had troubles w/ IIS server on our faculty's domain... the moment i'll find out how to murder someone via phone, the life will get a whole lot better... for me