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  • Connection Problems

    Over the last week or so, I've had problems with my connection here. I connect OK, and everything functions fine, then sometimes if I've been on a while, the site seems to lock up and stop responding to me. If I break connection, it will not allow me to re establish for about 10 mins. Then when I finally manage to make a connection everything seems to run fine.

    I'm using Firefox as my browser on a dial up connection. I don't appear to have this problem on other sites.

    Also when I try to log out, I get a prompt saying log out failed, and another screen pops up to allow me to log out fully.

    Am I the only one with this problem?

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    Okay here

    Haven't had any trouble over the last week.

    Am not using Firefox, but IE ( only thing my wireless safely responds too ).

    Just to reassure.



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      I get the error on logout, but it does not seem to cause any other problems.
      I can log right back in afterwards.
      Using IE with T1 (wish I had that speed at home


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        The log out "problem" really does'nt cause a problem, I just mentioned it as it may be indicative.

        As the fault is intermittent in nature it will probably be difficult to pin down, I was just wondering if anyone else had any problems of a similar type, because if so the problem might be site based rather than a fault with my system set up.


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          The logout thing isn't you, it's me (or at least it's the software). Hopefully it will be fixed in a future update.

          The connection thing I'm less sure about. Is it usually at the same time? The server reboots at about the same time, but that's at 4am (CST). And there's the traditional 5pm internet slowdown (when everyone quits work and starts frantically taking care of personal surfing before going home).
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            How far behind GMT is CST, then I might be able to tell.

            This is a fairly recent thing, and I have'nt noticed any particular pattern as yet. As I said earlier, it's a bit intermittent and irregular, which of course will not aid finding the cause.

            It's not too big a problem in as much as it's not constant, just a pain when it does happen. I only posted really to find if it was something others suffered, and possibly that would have given a common link.

            Will monitor the situation more carefully, logging times, and see if that casts a light.


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              I think CST is 6 hours behind GMT.

              It may have nothing to do with anything, but there are times when I can't access this site (and several other sites, but not all), but a quick traceroute shows that it isn't the site, but my ISP. Since it never lasts longer than a few minutes and (up until now) no one else has ever mentioned anything similar I wrote it off as my ISP pretty much sucking.
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                No problems here

                So sorry to hear of your connection problem Gary. To let you know, I also use Firefox, but I have DSL. I do have some slow connection times to all sites on occasion, but it is due to "busy" times. Maybe if you didn't spend so much time on this site like the rest of us RetouchPRO addicts, it might happen when going to other sites as well. LOL. But then again, who would want to spend time anywhere else?!! Anyway, I know that Doug has chosen a great server because for a little while I was a member of a writing site, and even with DSL, I had such a hard time signing on that I eventually gave up going there. Hope you get your troubles resolved soon.


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                  Don't think its the server re-boot, as that would be about 10am here, though I've been working odd hours just lately, and I may have been online at that time.

                  I think the most likely cause is ISP, they're currently pushing broadband connections, so there's probably a lot of upgrading of equipment going on.

                  Thanks everyone for your support on this.


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                    Hi Doug,

                    Got locked out yesterday at 08:17 GMT for 10 mins, and again today at 08:17 GMT, this time for 25 mins.

                    During that time I could connect to other sites with no problem, which would tend to exclude problems with my ISP.

                    Wonder if I get routed through a particular router which has a shutdown at that time. The nature of packet switched networks would tend to suggest not, but if no one else is having these problems it would suggest it's not a site problem either.

                    I'll keep monitoring, if its just at 8:17 that this happens, I'll just have to change my access times.


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                      Had the same problems as Gary over a period of time now....

                      I'm in South Africa until the 28-3 and we are here 2 hours ahead of GMT.
                      Unfortunately I never checked the time, or if it happened during a particular time of the day.

                      I'm on a DSL connection which is very shaky ... so a lot of the times my connection is to be blamed, but, like Gary, when this RP 'slowing down' and finally 'blocking out' occurs, I try other sites with no problem whatsoever ....

                      I'll check the time next time it happens ....


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                        Hi Flora,

                        Sorry you're having my problem. But glad that at least I'm not imagining things.

                        It does seem to be at about 08:15 GMT. I've been logged on at other times just lately, and there's been no problem at all. So whatever it is that effects things seems to be very time specific, at least for me it is.


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                          Hi Gary,

                          Originally posted by Gary Richardson
                          Hi Flora,
                          Sorry you're having my problem. But glad that at least I'm not imagining things.
                          Same here....
                          I've never said anything because, in spite of successfully trying other sites, I was convinced that my 'unstable' connection was the reason of it ....

                          Originally posted by Gary Richardson
                          It does seem to be at about 08:15 GMT. I've been logged on at other times just lately, and there's been no problem at all. So whatever it is that effects things seems to be very time specific, at least for me it is.
                          It is probably the same for me too, but, as I said I never checked ..... 8:15 your time is 10:15 my time .... I'll make sure I keep track of it ....


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                            I also use firefox and have experienced the same problem with the connection. I don't think it so much locks up as it just becomes unresponsive. What I mean is I can click on links and if I run my curser across rollovers they successfully swap images, they just don't take me anywhere. If I close my browser and reopen it everything works fine.

                            I have not had any problems logging out.

                            I use firefox and a cable connection. I haven't noticed the time but I live in the PST zone (west coast, USA).


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                              Locked out Yesterday and Today, 08:55 - 09:20 GMT, so it's not as time dependant as I first thought. Although it's only ever happened in the morning. Can't be a bandwidth issue, as there were only about half a dozen members logged on at the time. Breaking connection, using different browser, even re-booting at this end does nothing to resolve condition. I am convinced the problem is at RP end, as I have no problems anywhere else.


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