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    I have found the New Posts feature invaluable - and is basically how I access the forum now. HOWEVER it doesn't seem completely accurate. I notice I'm missing out on a number of posts - for instance there was a new post in the April Contest this morning, but it didnt come up on the New Posts list.

    Is this a known problem? Is it just me?

    I have come across threads recently that have been running several days, yet haven't come up on New Post or 24 hours previously, and have been quite surprised - now I am thinking there is something amiss with this feature?

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    There's a system timeout at 15 minutes, so if you view new posts and go get a cup of coffee or something, there won't be any new posts when you get back. You can work around this by checking new posts, then holding the shift key when clicking on one of the links. This will keep the browser showing the new posts open even after it has timed out.
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      Actually Doug, I think I've realised what my problem is. I tend to leave the site up for long periods - I wonder if that means that the new posts that occured in the say, 3 hours I wasn't actually actively looking at it, don't count as new posts for that same 15minute rule?

      Think I better stick to the 'last 24 hours' link thing instead....


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        Hi Caitlin,

        Not sure if this will help your situation out or not, but whenever I decide I'm done reading around the forum I always click "mark all forums read." Then when I come back I click "new posts." I never seem to miss much that way.


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          Is there anyway to reset to last login? Sometimes, during the course of things, everything gets marked as All Read without my requesting so. Quite frustrating, as than, I must pay attention to the dates of the posts and see if it is newer than my last login.



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            I don't think so.
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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              Originally posted by TylerRB
              Is there anyway to reset to last login?
              One workaround is to use the "Last 24 Hours" choice from the "Quick Links" menu.


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                Sometimes I am away from Retouch for longer than 24 hours and would have preferred more of an option than that. Thanks though, that is helpful none-the-less.

                This problem happens for me when I use the Next Thread link at the bottom of the page. If it is the last link and I go forward it takes me to a page stating that there are no more threads. When I go back, the forum acts as if I have re-logged in and refreshes everything to the new login time and date.

                Just a minor problem. And will NEVER keep me from perusing all the goodness here!



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