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Question: What is a "Bump"?

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  • Question: What is a "Bump"?

    The vast majority of forum users rely on the "new posts" page to determine what they'll read. For various reasons, this means perfectly useful and interesting threads can sometimes die an early death. Placing a post in these threads will "bump" them, and make them appear in the "new posts" page once more, calling attention to them once again and perhaps recusitating them. This has the added effect of "bumping" them to the top for those who browse the forums directly (since the default sort order is by when the last post was made).

    While bumping in excess can defeat the purpose, if you find an older post and have something legitimate to add or ask it can sometimes lead to the thread finding a new life and being seen by many that wouldn't otherwise.
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    Re: Question: What is a "Bump"?

    A lot of users join because they find a thread so compelling they feel they must get involved. Plus the vast majority of users sign on, hit "view new threads" and read the few of interest to them. But, if the thread is titled for one topic and changes a few posts in, chances are only a very few people are ever going to see it, however marvelous and useful it ends up being.


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      Re: Question: What is a "Bump"?

      we get 'bumps' quite a bit in the restoration forum. it's usually by new folks looking through older posts and see something they'd like to try out. it's perfectly fine to do so, but in that forum it usually doesnt get too much more traffic, at least in that forum.


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