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Question: What is "Threadophobia"?

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  • Question: What is "Threadophobia"?

    The fear of starting new threads has unknown origins, but is believed similar to the fear of raising a hand in class. The only known cure is acclimatization therapy (ie: doing it while reminding yourself that you're among friends, nothing bad will happen, etc.).
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    That's something I haven't thought of -- people starting a new thread. I wonder how many of us have actually started a new one, and not simply replied to one already in existence? Hmmmm, a new type of challenge?



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      I'm from the "old school", and always raised my hand for permission to speak. I didn't even know that it was "allowed" to start a new thread until Doug suggested that I start one about some question that I had mentioned in response to another thread.


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        Allowed, encouraged...kind of the whole point of this thing, actually (of course, always check to make sure there isn't already an ongoing discussion on the same topic in another thread)
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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