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  • Not seeing SOME images

    Recently I noticed I couldn't see someone's image they had posted. I commented on it in that thread. It turns out others could see it just fine. And I saw it just fine briefly. Then a few minutes later it was gone. There is nothing there that even shows an image should be there.
    here's the thread
    Sweetlights post is #18, and I could see her image just fine again, just now.

    This made me think of some of the older forum threads I've been reading through lately. There were quite a few posts where the images seemed to be missing.

    And I don't know if this is the same problem or not, but sometimes in these older threads, it looks like entire posts are missing. I'll see person B commenting on person A's image. Only in that entire thread I won't be able to see any posts by person A at all.

    It's this missing image that worries me. What if there are others I'm missing too?
    I'm running Firefox on Windows Vista. And I can see most images just fine. Weird, huh?

    thanks for anyone's help
    -jordan in cinci

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    Re: Not seeing SOME images

    Anyone can delete their own posts. I wish they wouldn't, but it also wouldn't be fair to stop them.

    As for seeing images some times but not others, I'm a bit stumped. The most usual culpret is security software where we aren't listed as trusted or friendly, but that normally isn't intermittent.

    As for seeing externally linked images, we have no control over that, which is why we ask that they be avoided, or at least only made available as a backup for attached images. External links change, some sites purge old accounts or have time limits for storage, which makes an otherwise useful thread here pretty useless.

    For everyone: please don't use external links for images, or at least attach images as well.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      Re: Not seeing SOME images

      Her image wasn't external, it was here at retouch. But I've gone back several times and can see it fine now. Maybe it was just a fluke.

      -jordan in cinci


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        Re: Not seeing SOME images

        there can be several different reason why images don't show or difficulty in getting them to show... in general though I found doing a few simple maintenance items helps a lot....
        1. purge your temp internet files .... many time either the internet cache folder too big for IE to handle adequately or corrupte files occurr.... sometimes one also need to purge the cookies....
        2. defrag... helps in a lot of little ways...
        3. and if you ambitious... disable all needles programs that startup at windows boot..... system performance and stability and reliablity improves ...

        well any way those are my thoughts....

        Originally posted by mikajomc View Post
        Her image wasn't external, it was here at retouch. But I've gone back several times and can see it fine now. Maybe it was just a fluke.

        -jordan in cinci


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          Re: Not seeing SOME images

          And I haven't done any of those in quite awhile. Good tips, thanks


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