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  • TIP: Activate PM popup box

    In your user options, select "Pop up a box when you receive a Private Message?" and if anyone leaves you a PM (Private Message) you'll know about it as soon as you enter.
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    I did this when first setting up, and it did indeed pop up when I got a PM. Of late, it hasn't been, and I have been noticing at the bottom of the Forums page that I have a new PM. I checked to see if that option was still activated (popup notification) and it was. SO there must be a "trick" to it, like logout and come back or something.


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      It's a javascript function, and I think you already mentioned our site makes your javascript misbehave. There's also an 'email on pm' feature, maybe that will work for you.

      Just out of curiosity, try logging in with Netscape and see if that works.
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Indeed, the flyout menu problem is not a problem with Netscape. I'm not sure of the other "problems" such as PM's but FYI the menu difficulty is overcome with the different browser.


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