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  • DRAT! that didn't work......

    How do I post a response to a response?

    Last edited by sjm; 12-08-2002, 05:56 PM.

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    Click 'new thread' if you want your post to have a new heading (like the one I'm replying to now). Click 'post response' to post a response Even if it's a response to a response. It appends at the end of the 'thread' (series of responses). If you feel there's too much distance to your response and the post you're responding to, you can click 'quote' on that post and quote bits of it to remind everyone what the heck you're responding to
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      thanks for the info! guess I should follow one of life's major tenets.

      "When all else fails, read the directions!"

      I'm off to FAQ now!


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