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  • Downloading pictures

    I am haveing alot of trouble downloading pictures.

    Example I downloaded a challange Guitar charlie which had a pixel width of 547 and height of 711 from this sight.

    I redid it and tried to send back the same size and it told me its to large.

    So I reduce it to 500 then 400 then 450 then 200 and it finally accepted 150.

    The picture is so small you cant see it.

    By the way I also did in Adobe save for web and no luck.

    I need to know what I am doing wrong. How do I calculate for the sight the proper way. Thanks.

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    Have you looked at this tip?



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      100 KB Image Restriction

      Note, when attaching a file to a thread there is a 100KB file size restriction. When you work on a file in Adobe, most likely you will be increasing its size as you add to it, manipulate it, apply layers, filters and so on. So even though you were able to download the file, you may not be able to upload the same file, because you have increased its size by working on it. For instance the guitar-charlie file is pretty close to the limit 89KB. So most likely the changes you made to it pushed it over the limit. Also make sure that you are saving it as a jpeg because if you are saving it as a gif file this will greatly increase the file size too.

      When saving an image for the web in Adobe PhotoShop:
      Select Save File for Web

      Select the Optimized tab

      In the lower left hand corner you will see the image's file size.
      You may have to adjust the quality level of the image to keep the file size under 100KB (usually somewhere between 60-70% should work depending on the image size)

      If you have to reduce the quailty so much that it distorts the image too greatly, you may have to shrink the actual image size a little so you can increase the quaility of the image and still meet the file size restriction

      Basically, just keep adjusting the settings until the file size is under 100KB.

      Hope this helps,



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        I see Jeanie was answering this at the same time I was. Her link does an excellent job of explaining the whole saving an image process!



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          I sorry you misunderstand me but my problem is that I am in the guide lines of the 100k and it still tells me my file is to big. The last reduction of a Adobe web save was 200 pixels and it still would not take it. I started out with an 800 x 600 and dropped it dowwn to nothing. I am trying to figure out if there is a setting inn Internet Explorer thats is causing this.

          Any way I will read what you sent and try again.


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            Sounds like you have the "quality" setting too high. Usually a setting of 60 is sufficient. You can compare side-by-side using the 2-up view, to make sure its acceptable.
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              pHILI1 make sure you have flattened the image. Look at this screenshot of the optimized page to see what the settings should be.
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                I have flattened it reduced it, but now I have got the best. Tonight its accepting it, I think some times it likes me and sometimes not, I cant figure it out, anyway thanks guys for all the help. If you hear of any problem like mine let me know.


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                  Sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble. What platform are you using? Perhaps you need to check to ensure you have the latest patches and updates for your platform, browser and so forth and see if that improves the situation or not. Then try hitting the computer (just kidding), but it may give you a little satisfaction.



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                    Phili - have you tried this?

                    Phili -- since you're still having problems uploading your images to other threads, I wanted to check with you to see if you have tried this (I know - you've used Save for Web, but maybe not this setting because I've never used it before I searched for an answer to your problem) -- when you go to the Save for Web page - and have chosen the 4-up window - click on the arrow above the word "optimized" (be sure to have a checkmark in the box) -- a drop-down box will open and you can then type 100 in the top space that asks "desired file size ___ k". There's a picture of it attached below, and a link to where I found her explanation.


                    Now if all of this still doesn't help -- maybe Doug, David K., and /or Kevin B. can help you find something in your setup that is preventing your uploads. If this doesn't work, write them, and tell them when you first noticed having this problem (I don't remember you mentioning this problem until lately -- maybe something you recently added to your computer has created this problem for you. I'm hoping that this "optimize to file size" box will be the solution; if it isn't -- there is an answer, and I'm certain that someone on this site has the ability to figure it out with you.
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                      Thanks CJ I will give it a try.


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                        Awesome find CJ!! I'm going to add this to my "file size" tip!

                        Thanks, Jeanie


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                          I'm going to add this to my "file size" tip! -- Jeanie
                          Good! I was thinking that would be a good place to put it since you've explained there how/why to resize an image so well. (I wouldn't have found this tip if I hadn't been looking for a solution to Phili's problem.)

                          Now, if we can just figure out what's going on in Phili's computer...


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                            Hey, Phili -- try this!

                            How's about downloading the file I used in one of my posts above (I've attached it here again), and THEN try to attach it to a post that you add to this thread -- see if the picture uploads correctly. We know that the file is the correct size to upload because I've already been able to upload it once -- so it SHOULD let you upload it also. If you cannot upload the file, then we'll know that there is something OTHER than the file or RetouchPRO's system that is causing your upload problem.

                            Make sense? Let's give it a try! Here's the file -- download it to your computer and then upload it to your next post and let's see what happens...
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                              Ok CJ I downloaded picture , open it in Adobe and I am uploading now?

                              OK it worked. Wow this is confusing me. Someitme I have to reduce the size lower then yours is to get it to do it.
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