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  • TIP: Thread ratings

    Did you know you can 'rate' threads? Down in the right corner there's a 'rate this thread' dropdown box so you can let people know how great or boring a given thread is.
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    This is really embarrassing, but...

    I cannot find an explanation of what the various rating symbol represent, and I am not able to figure it out either, so...



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      Are you talking about the icons? Since Doug posted this tip the site has changed and the rating option is up at the top (Thread Tools - Search this Thread - Rate Thread). The rating symbols are one through five stars with explanations next to them, and I reckon that anyone could figure *those* out.

      So, my best guess is you're looking at the icons that appear in the box headed "Post Icons" when you're posting a message? If so, and if your browser supports it, you can get pop-up descriptions by hovering your mouse pointer over them for a few seconds. These aren't particularly informative, though, and really the icons are more decorative than anything else.


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        Ah, I changed to Netscape and it supports "hovering with the mouse"

        Safari doesn't

        Thanks, Leah!


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