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    I'm new here and am a bit confused about certain things.
    In many postings you Doug Nelson stands as the author, but
    when i look i can see that in fact other people started the thread.
    So why do you stand as the author?
    Also in some cases it says there are 0 replies, but when i open the thread there are lots of replies. Can you explain why?

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    The explanation why I'm listed so frequently as the author is explained in the announcement viewable at the top of every forum. Short version is: this is our second board, and that was the only way to bring in the messages from the old board.

    As to your second question, I'd need an example before I could give you an answer.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      I think when you see that there are many replies when no replies are listed, is the same reason that Doug's name appears as the author. Those were threads imported from the other board. I don't think you'll find any like that after the origination date of 8/8/01 (I think that date is right, although I could be wrong, but in any case that's when the new board became usable). Welcome aboard! This is a great group.



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        Authors and replies

        Thank you Doug and Ed.
        I could perhaps have figured that out myself, but it was easier to
        post a question.

        There seem to be a lot of interesting things going on here.
        I visited here when the retouch challenge was fairly new.
        I tried my hand on the first picture, but gave up since i wasn't satisfied
        with the result.
        That picture was just too bad.
        And i thought that the possible end result wasn't worth the
        But i see that since then the pictures have been a little more
        worthwile working at. I am tempted to try again.
        Le me add that i'm just an amateur working with pictures as a hobby.
        I'm using Corel Photopaint and Knockout.


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          Give it a shot. Sometimes you may consider yourself as an amateur but we get valuable lessons from your approach and techniques. No matter how advanced or new we are to this, we are all still learning. I doubt that will ever stop so any contributions you can make, we are eager to see them, learn from them and even help you learn from them. Welcome aboard


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            Gotta tell ya Ron -- I'm a real amateur also, and I have a hard time with many of the challenges. Sometimes I work on one for a while, and when the time issue becomes too much, I just forget about it. That's probably not the right way to go about it because it's hard to learn when the only thing you do is something that comes without too much effort. There just isn't enough time for me to do all the things I need/want to do. But I pick up a thing or two here and there on the challenges submissions, and just reading the forums. Stick around -- I'll save you a seat next to mine.



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