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    Is there anyway to chat with the people online at the time you are? I think this would help in learning tutorals etc. Maybe this would be too hard at this web site, was just wondering.


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  • PamT
    by PamT
    Hi all,

    You don't hear much from me, but I am here daily almost. Lot's of reasons... one I guess I don't feel confident enough to speak up about technique yet, two because I am newly on my own for the first time in many years and have been so busy trying to get something going to make...
    09-07-2003, 04:51 PM
  • Doug Nelson
    Online Class
    by Doug Nelson
    By Amanda K. Jones on Monday, August 06, 2001 - 01:07 pm:

    Hi Doug,

    I was wondering if you considered offering some type of class on your site? Granted I know you probably wouldn't have time to be the instructor yourself but perhaps you could find some kind soul who would...
    08-08-2001, 12:03 PM
  • geilf
    on-line classes help
    by geilf
    Hello all a newbe here. I have been trying to decide how to take the first steps into retouching. leaning on going for the adobe photoshop cs5.
    I really want classes online to learn this software starting from the very beginer level.
    Does anyone have any knowledge or experiance with...
    03-12-2011, 10:56 AM
  • ad4mska
    Photographer One stop Online shop
    by ad4mska
    Just found this site
    12-17-2010, 08:57 PM
  • chris h
    US Online Telephone Directory
    by chris h
    My brothers been hunting for an online phone directory for the US and Canada. Any of our US friends know of one or more ?

    08-01-2002, 03:37 PM