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  • Welcome to the Library Support Forum

    Doug has set up a new area here on RetouchPro we're calling our Library. This is a place to put all of your graphics related links, all those places you go for tutorials and plug-ins and helps and all those things which aid in your graphics work.

    The address is as follows:

    As the 'Librarian' in charge of this, I want you to know that you can add your own links to this area. Frankly, I can't do it alone. The wealth of resources available on the internet and trying to link to all of it would keep one person busy for years. With many hands contributing, we can build a very nice cache of information sources, programs, aids and so on. This is NOT a moderator only type thing. We WANT your links!

    What's more, this is not just an external links thing. If you find something here on RetouchPro that should be linked to, by all means, do so. Whether this is a tutorial, a .zip file someone has posted in a thread as an attachment or a pre-set for a plug-in such as Impressionist, or whatever it may be, link to it in the Library so all can find it easily.

    I've tried to set up the various categories to be easily recognized and broad enough to include anything we might wish to make available to the talented folks that frequent RP. It is NOT set in stone, however. If you see what you think is a better way of doing things, post it here in this forum. Let us know. Is there something missing, something in the wrong place, something confusing that you have a better way of doing, voice it here. I make no guarantees that I'll change it, but I do want to hear about it.

    The rules for posting a link are the same for posting here in RP. Keep it clean. Read the RP faqs if you're unsure.

    All submitted links have to be approved before they will show up in the Library and actually be linked. This is a very quick process and I check it daily if not more frequently. So, if you don't immediately see your link showing up, this is why. There is an auto-e-mail response system within this LIbrary. When your link is approved you are sent an e-mail letting you know. If it is disapproved, you receive no e-mail.

    DO NOT POST YOUR LINKS HERE IN THIS FORUM. This forum is for posting news, idea, complaints, feedback and related information and questions. Links posted in THIS forum will be deleted, with rare exceptions.

    DO NOT POST YOUR LINKS HERE TO ASK "Is this link ok?". That type of thread here in THIS forum will be deleted. Take some responsibility and decide for yourself if the link is ok or not based on the needs and wants of this community and the rules and guidelines of this community.

    DO ADD AS MANY LINKS AS YOU WANT! Again, just take a little care to check the link itself to make sure it itself complies to our standards here on RP. This includes rules on nudity, celebrities, and copyrights, for example.

    This is a completely new system to RP. We want it to work. We want you to use it and to contribute to it. It is YOUR resource as much as it is ours. Use it, add to it and enjoy

    One extra note on this: YOU GUYS CAN ADD THE LINKS! All I do is approve them once YOU add them. All I'm doing is just ensuring they are in the right place and not some unwanted spam site added by a passer-by. (or worse)


    p.s. One other note here; If your link is rejected, you will receive no e-mail or private message saying so. I'd rather this were not this way, but that is the way it is for now. So, if you think i've made a mistake in not accepting your link, DO p.m. me and ask why! That is entirely acceptable, since there is no e-mail sent when a link is rejected and most folks would like to know why their link wasn't accepted. I've only rejected one or two and only then because of links on the linked site, e.g. the site linked to porn or pirated material or some such objectionable content. So, check the site you're linking to first and make sure it's relatively 'clean' to avoid having that link rejected.
    Last edited by Craig Walters; 11-01-2007, 12:26 PM.

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