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Thank you, Palms :)


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  • Thank you, Palms :)

    to all that have submitted links to the library, thank you

    but a special thanks to Palms1 who has continued, on a regular basis, to submit links she finds. this is much appreciated

    and to all, the automated e-mail does not allow me to thank you each time. nor, does it allow for an e-mail send on those rare times when i reject a submission. and this really is rare. i think i've only rejected one or two the whole time the links library has been in existence.

    so, thank you all for your contributions. this is your site. it's your library resource and is only as good as the cumulative submissions of the group. and i'm happy to say that it's working. so, keep 'em coming

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    Re: Thank you, Palms

    And a big thank you to you Craig for running the library it is a great resource to have
    But i will add that i do have a ulterior motive. By putting links into the library i know where they are saving me having to trawl through badly kept notes or a list of favorites as long as my arm.
    And i do love surfing around looking at different sites seing if there is anything new about or inspiration to be had
    So come everyone submit a link so there is more for us all to enjoy
    ( down side more work for Craig but i am sure he can take it )