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  • Third Time's A Charm

    Okay folks the chain mail project is on again, but for now on these projects will fall under the section of ART TAG. ART, because we are creating art, and TAG because it goes from one person to the next.

    I must emphasize that these are not Challenges, they're just fun projects. The first two tries produce some really wild results. So don’t hesitate to check them out.

    Okay this project will be know as THIRD TIMES’S A CHARM…
    Hey it's the third one...I couldn't resist!

    Now for the process:

    Private message (PM) me (T Paul) with the subject line "Art Tag - Time" if you want to participate. Even if you've already announced you're interested, PM me with that subject line. It's the only way I have of keeping track of everyone.

    I will PM you back, one at a time, with the FTP address where the file is stored. Download it and make your contribution. Then rename it and upload it back to the same address. Note don’t use any spaces in your renamed title. Then PM me that you've uploaded it (very important!).

    A few necessary things for this to work:

    1. We can't use JPG, so anyone that chooses to participate should be able to FTP a TIF file of size 2-5 meg
    2. Several people will be waiting their turn, so when you get your turn try not to take too long.
    3. Don't resize or resample to a different resolution
    4. Flatten your image before sending back.
    5. Leave it as a TIF file
    6. PM me when you've uploaded your version

    Once demand has died off, I'll announce that this version is closed, and post the original and what we came up with here. Don't post any of your interim images, at least until this version is closed.

    Feel free to ask questions here.

    If you don’t know how to FTP…there are some great tips in the software forum. Click below to view them.

    FTP Info Thread

    Now let's have some fun!

    Last edited by T Paul; 06-08-2002, 03:13 PM.

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    Well the first “official” Art Tag Project is now complete! The end result was quite spectacular!

    Here is what we began with:
    Attached Files


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      And here's where we ended up:
      Attached Files


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        Oh Wow! That turned out very cool! I love playing art tag. I use them as wallpaper on my computer - an ever changing supply of very spectacular art!


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          Another combined masterpiece!!! That textured area at the top is really cool and I like the watery effect on the clock. There's so much to it, I don't know what I like best, the horse, the butterflies the cool stared background. You guys did great.


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            I guess I was #1. Here's what I did:

            Ran an action called MysticSPC, which is just the craquelure filter with a gradient and then the zigzag filter. Looks good on PS5, and on PS7 it does just the top of the screen with the bottom black. I used a difference blend and then levels colorize. Ran Eye Candy's Glass effect on it and then lightened the clock layer because the filter added too much color.

            Ok - time for another one!! These are FUN!!


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              Very nice! I had a lot of company this weekend, so was not able to participate. I see I missed out on a good one! The clock looks like it's about to melt...very "Daliesque". Can't wait for the next one!


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                Just for grins, here is step-by-step how the image changed.
                Attached Files


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                  Hey BK,

                  Would you mind adding that action to the collection I've started? That sounds like a cool one!

                  Here's the link to the thread


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                    I went second. I changed the background to a denser star field with a large starburst using an action. Those light sabres inspired me to add more stars! Then I blurred the numbers on the clock to give it a slight sense of motion. I also gave the clock the warped glass top (eye-candy filter).

                    At the end we didn’t have any more players and the lower right corner seemed empty, so I added the butterflies for whimsy using the dodge and burn settings and a few artistic filters.



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                      Looks like I was #4 - I added the horse.


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                        Originally posted by Jakaleena
                        Hey BK,

                        Would you mind adding that action to the collection I've started? That sounds like a cool one!

                        Here's the link to the thread



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                          Thanks BK!

                          Your turn, T - wanna donate that action to my cause??


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                            Very, very cool
                            Learn by teaching
                            Take responsibility for learning


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                              Originally posted by G. Couch
                              I see I missed out on a good one!
                              You mean you weren't part of this?? We actually launched it into space without you????


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