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Maintaining Private Message Folders

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  • Maintaining Private Message Folders

    Since Art Tag requires sending private messages (PMs) back and forth it is VERY important that you maintain your RetouchPro messages folders, otherwise you may be left out of a game since you were unreachable due to a full mailbox.

    Make sure that you check your personal messages on the RetouchPro site and delete the files after you read them. If you have information you want to keep, copy it to Note Pad or Word or some other program and keep a copy on your computer. This way you can make sure that you don’t miss out on messages due to a full mailbox.

    You can view your message folders by clicking on “User CP” on the side navigation bar under the FORUM section. Make sure to view your private messages and empty out the folders once you have read them. Depending on what options you have selected you may have numerous messages in your INBOX, SENT ITEMS, and MESSAGE TRACKING folders.

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    It's a message I posted a long time back but it really deserves to be reposted periodically because people tend to forget about having limits to the amount stored in their Private Messages folders and the newbies don't realize it. Well said T


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      There ARE advantages to not being popular. I don't have any messages clogging up MY folder, so I get to play Art Tag all the time! FINALLY, a benefit of not being picked until last for the sandlot team...


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