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    I have an idea I like to try out for the next round of Art Tag. This is a bit different from the standard rules of Art Tag. In fact, it is more like “Photo Art” Tag, but I think the results will be really unique.

    Okay, now for the idea….
    I want to take an image/painting and divide it up into sections. Each player would get their own section to redo. You can apply filters, brush strokes, tints and so on, but just keep the basics of the image there. Hey, this would be great for you Mini-Photo-Art players! Once all the images are submitted to me I will put them back together to recreate the photo. It should be entertaining and I think a lot of fun.

    If you are interested please send me a PM. The time will be a lot more flexible on this one since each player will have their own section to work on and at their own pace. I am thinking about starting this in March, depending on how quickly I start hearing from people.


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    I am really impressed with all the interest in this. I am going to have to find a really good image to divide up now! Hmmmmm. So while I am trying to find an image, keep on signing up because this should be a really fun round!


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      This round has started, so if you signed up to play make sure you check your Private Messages!



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        Each player got a piece of the final image without seeing what the final image would be. This meant some people got some really odd looking images.

        The image was of an American Kestrel from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service web site.

        I was impressed with all the different Photo art techniques everyone used, and now here are the results! Players please don't be shy to share some of your steps in creating your section. I've placed a number in each section to make it easier to talk about a particular section's technique. Thanks to all that played!

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          This was serious fun

          The end result is really interesting with some great techniques - each one so different from its neighbour - love the results



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            T (is it ok to call ya T?? lol)

            Could you put a copy of the original up there as well, in the same format (blocked/framed by piece)?

            I've got all my notes on my piece at home and will post tonight for #7.

            Guess it wasn't an Indian headdress!! ha!

            Had a fun time with it.


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              As requested, here is the original.....
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                Re: Original?

                Originally posted by jrolinc

                Guess it wasn't an Indian headdress!! ha!

                Glad I'm not the only person who did not quite know what the image was - my part was no.6


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                  cool, that's an interesting result! my patch was #5 (which was the tail so it wasn't too hard to guess what it was..) I just played around with all kinds of the cloners and brushes in painter classic.

                  - David


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                    I was No 3. Being Artistically Challenged, I resorted to a program I lovingly call Art for Dummies. It's actually Professor Franklins Instant Photo Art.
                    I tried a variety of techniques and settled on a Cezanne. Quite!
                    I then returned, with my masterpiece, to that "second class" program, Photoshop. Here I experimented and settled on High Pass, to accentuate the feathers. I blurred the background using the blur tool, adjusted levels...And...Viola!(pronounced as spelled please)...A Birds Butt (or Kestral's Keister if you wish)worthy of any museum wall.


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                      LOL Debbie.

                      I had piece number 2, so I knew what I was working on.

                      I'd bet anyone here a million dollars that Blacknight had piece #6. Got his mojo all *over* that thang!!!

                      This was neat. I've never done an art tag before!


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                        Can I have my MILLION Dollars please, I had part #6


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                          where'd you get his mojo???? LOL

                          It pays to read, I suppose. I just saw that you already SAID you'd had #6. Can I chalk this up to a looooong day?

                          I'll drop a check in the mail on my way home.

                          I guess I've been wrong before...I just can't remember when.


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                            Piece #7

                            I've got to credit Phyllis and her latest Paint technique.

                            I used one of the "dry brush" brushes along with various pressure settings on my Wacom tablet, working with the various brush blend modes (as per her instructions), darken/lighten & luminosity.

                            Touched up here/there as I saw fit.

                            Was fun....when's the next one??


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                              Has anybody seen my mojo? I can't seem to find it...

                              I ran the sketchy action (I think that's a great one to use to emphasize edges - never was very happy with sharpen edges filter) and overlayed the original. Played with hue/sat and sharpen. Made it a little more blue/cyan than it was. Didn't go crazy with it because I thought it would detract from the final image. Maybe I'll go a little crazier with the next one!

                              By the way, do I get any of that million dollars?


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