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  • Art Tag Pieces #2

    Okay, now for round 2…

    The process
    I take an image/painting and divide it up into sections. Each player will get their own section to redo. You can apply filters, brush strokes, tints and so on, but just keep the basics of the image there. Once all the images are submitted to me I will put them back together to recreate the photo. It should be entertaining and I think a lot of fun.

    If you are interested please send me a PM.
    This round is scheduled to start 28 Feb.


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    Starting Image

    Another great round of Art Tag “Quilt”. Since everyone only got sections of the image, I am sure many did not know what they were working with. The image is of the Cecropia Moth from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website. Everyone did a great job, and please don’t be shy about discussing your steps/techniques!

    Thanks for playing!


    Here was the starting image in its entirety.
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      And here is the final image! Great job !

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        This turned out wonderfully! I love them all, but I especially like tile #5.

        Great work everybody!


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          Okay time to own up to which piece you had!

          I had piece #4 (thats me and my mojo )

          Again I had no idea what the image was.... love it

          I liked the general shapes within my section, so tried to empasis them with find edges and glowing edges - with a few other layers and filters thrown in, sorry I can't remember every one I used.

          I also love part #5 the watercolour technique really works with this one.

          great job everyone



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            These are all really beautiful! Good work everyone.

            So when is the next challenge?


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              A LOT of detail is lost when the image is produced for the final "showing". I know it's because of file size restrictions, but still - that leaves us with limited options as to what can be accomplished, especially with the size of the portion we are given to work with. No solutions...just thought I'd whine. Piece #3 (mine) can hardly be distinguished as different from the original, and I had some neat textures going in the larger version. I guess we can learn to work magic in a small area, somehow.


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                Piece #5

                I couldn't resist...when all the "pieces" were first put up, I copied them all, but absolutely DID not look at any but mine until the Art Tag was done...

                Anyhow, then I gave them all the same treatment as my #5 piece, (which was more of the Watercolor/Pen&Ink technique with some touchups, adjustment layers, etc).

                Anyhow, I like the overall 8 pieces and how everyone does their part, but here is the complete pic with my interpretation.

                I do look forward to more of's been fun
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                  I had # 7 - Used radial blur for the BG then used several filters on the moth.

                  -- I really enjoyed playing and look forward to the next one ----


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                    The next art tag will probably be in mid March (depending on my schedule). I usually put out a week’s advance notice in the Art Tag forum asking players to sign up.

                    You are allowed to whine. You are also allowed to post your section to show off the textures as they were quite nice. The size limitation does make things a bit more challenging, but this was a challenge right You will have to change the resolution to 72, but I don’t think you will lose too much detail (just don't resample).

                    All the techniques turned out great. I particularly like the water color and pen & ink on #5 and the soft wispiness of #1.

                    Last edited by T Paul; 03-03-2003, 10:09 AM.


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                      Thanks T! I'm looking forward to joining the next one!


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                        I had piece #1. I thought perhaps it was a picture of flowers, but there wasn't a lot to work with in my particular piece. I chose to make my piece look good in and of itself rather than try to keep it "true" to the image it was part of. Like BK, I like my larger version better. Unfortunately, the laptop I did it on is packed and ready to head to the airport, so I won't be able to post it (and what I did to achieve the effect) until tomorrow.



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                          Here is a closeup of Blacknight's section so you can see the great texture he created...
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                            And here is a close-up of Jeanie's work....
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                              Wow...I really like the close-ups of both of those...

                              I like em...share techniques please!! The larger/detailed images sure do look great.


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