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What is Art Tag Quilt?

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  • What is Art Tag Quilt?

    This is a slight variation on Art Tag. Instead of everyone working on the same image in turn, this time everyone gets their own section of the same image to work on at the same time.

    The Process

    I take an image and divide it up into sections. Each player will get their own section to redo. You can apply filters, brush strokes, tints and so on, but just keep the basics of the image there. Once all the images are submitted to me I will put them back together to recreate the photo. It should be entertaining and I think a lot of fun.

    Once the round starts I will PM you with the FTP address where the file is stored and the name of your file. Download it and make your changes. Then rename it and upload it back to the same address and place in the folder called "final". Note don’t use any spaces in your renamed title. Then PM me that you've uploaded it (very important!).

    A few necessary things for this to work:

    1. We can't use JPG files since they degrade each time they are saved, so anyone that chooses to participate should be able to FTP a TIF file

    2. Don't resize or resample to a different resolution

    3. Flatten your image before sending back.

    4. Leave it as a TIF file

    5. PM me when you've uploaded your version

    6. Have fun and be creative

    Finally remember what steps you used and share them once the final image is posted.

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