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  • Art Tag - Magnify

    Are you ready to play? This round starts 11 July!!!

    SO, if you are interested in playing, just send me a PM!

    Don't know how to play? Click here .

    I plan on running two rounds again, but this time everyone will get to work on the image twice!

    It's not too late to sign-up so send me a PM!!!


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    This round has officially started, but it's not too late to sign up.

    Current players....

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      This round is now closed. I should have the results posted later this afternoon.


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        Starting Image

        Okay here are the results you have all been waiting for.....

        The starting image was from
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          Group 1 Progress

          Here is how it changed from person to person in Group 1....
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            Group 1 Final

            And here is the final image for Group 1!!!!
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              Group 2 Progress

              Now for Group 2. Here is how the image changed from person to person...
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                Group 2 Final

                And the final image....
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                  Congrats to all the players for another job well done! I hope to hear from all of you and those that we missed for the next round of....ART TAG!

                  The next round of Art Tag will be 25 July, so mark your calendars and send me a PM that you want to play!!!!


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                    GROUP 1 -- Very surreal! Great job!

                    I was the last one in GROUP 2 -- added the text. I was actually kind of stuck on that one. Still, a lot of fun!

                    Who played what role and in what group?


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                      This round was done a little differently. Most players got to work in both group 1 and group 2, just in a different order of play. I had roughly 7 players although some did not respond and some left town on me (smile), so I had to do a little adjusting of the order. I made a list of the players 1-7. In group one, the game ran in that order; but for group two, it ran in reverse order. Just to make things a little more interesting. I hope everyone had fun!



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                        I took part only in Group 1. I added the strange hallway in the background and distorted the dragonfly in the magnifying glass.



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                          I really liked the hallway you added. It added quite the mysterious feel to the image and really gave the group a strong theme to follow.


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                            Very cool! I took part in both groups.

                            In Group 1, I was near the end - I added the circular "fog". I have no idea what effect I was trying to create. I was at a loss for what to do, had company and didn't want to hold things up too long, so I added the first (lame) idea that came to mind.

                            In Group 2, I was first. That's my cat - extracted from a picture of her looking at toys through a glass table top - and liquified a bit to make her face seem somewhat magnified. I got a real kick out of watching the progression of this one! And the text - LOL!



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                              Jeaniesa wrote:
                              I got a real kick out of watching the progression of this one! And the text - LOL!
                              Thanks! It was the expression on the cat that gave me the idea.

                              Toad, great idea with the hallway. T Paul's right, it did give the image a strong, mysterious feeling.