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  • What Kind of Connection Do You Have

    Out of curiosity what kind of computer connection do you have? I'm trying to get a good understanding what the Art Tag players are going through when they have to download and upload files.

    Cable Modem
    DSL or some other high speed connection

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    My reason for not participating in this challenge is that I'm not sure I can transfer the files back out. My router has caused me problems on transferring image files with other applications and I wouldn't want to drop the ball on something like this over technical difficulties on my end. This may or many not apply to others--just offering one possibility.

    I probably should post this elsewhere, but I still can't navigate the gallery for the other challenges--I see screen after screen of thumbnails, sometimes I manage to get a full size image (rarely), and I've never been able to find the original challenge photos (except for the photoart mini-challenges).


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      Firewall Programs

      A lot of this site's problems are caused by various firewall settings. For instance, I was fine until I added Zone Alarm. Once I adjusted the settings everything went back to normal. So if you are running a firewall program such as Zone Alarm or Norton you may need to make a few adjustments in order to have this site load properly. My advice is to check out the FAQ section of your software's web site to find out what you may need to do to correct the problem.

      If the web site doesn't help you out, or if the problem persists, don't be afraid to ask this web site as chances are that someone has the software or has had the same problem and may know the fix.

      For more information be sure to check out this thread

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        Also if you run any Ad Blocking software or Pop-Up popping software you may run into a few problems. Again check the FAQ section of your software's web site as you may need to adjust the settings so that this site loads properly.


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          Still running ADSL, but I switched providers from the main phone company (Telus) to a local company (Interbaun) and so far it's working out well. much better service and support than I got from Telus and just as fast. I just found out my line does qualify, so I'm considering switching to the DSL 2.5 Mbps service (right now I'm on the 1.5)

          - David


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            I'm on broadbandcable so no difficulties on this side



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              DSL here with a connection that's mostly optical cable so I regularly see 150+KB per second downloads depending on the server and traffic on the internet at the time. I'm generally using my Mac G4 running through a MacSense router and have no difficulties because of that.

              I use Apple's browser, Safari, and occasionally it crashes on this site, particularly in PM windows. Sarari is still young although not beta anymore and has almost eliminated all the bugs but an occasional bug bites. However there is built in popup screening which may be the culprit with the occasional crash. It doesn't really matter, though because OS X effectively never crashes.


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                I got DSL a month ago - made a huge difference with this site. With dial-up and no inline photos I usually lost patience when trying to load examples.


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                  I've got satellite here (just north of Dallas), as NOTHING else is available, except for dial-up.

                  I'm ready to go help dig the ditch to get cable or whatever else is needed to get me faster Internet!!

                  Oh well, the pics up and download ok though!


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                    I have cable here and it is pretty reliable lately. Pretty darn quick too. I was just wondering if I put the file back so the next person knew that was the one to work on. I didn't think about that till I had ftp'd it back. Is there a certain file protocol?


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                      You can rename the file or save over the original file, wichever you are most comfortable with. Once I get notified that you have sent the file back, I review it, rename it (if necessary) and then alert the next player. I also keep a copy of each entry until the final posting (just in case something goes wrong), then I delete the files off my computer.


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                        I have a business class xDSL line. I average about 350-425KB/sec downloads and around 60-80KB/sec uploads Gotsta love Sprint


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                          We are right across the street from our service provider and they have an omni-directional wireless antenna on the roof. We have a wireless ethernet bridge connecting that to our router.
                          Throughput varies from 100-150Mbps during business hours to 450Mbs at night.


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                            Uhh.. Make that Kbps. that's 150 - 450 ...Kbps.


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                              I've got a very very fast cable connection - 115kbps.... = 11 kB/s - yeah !! I just love it...