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How Often Do You Want Art Tag?

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  • How Often Do You Want Art Tag?

    Trying to find out how often I should post Art Tag games....
    Every Two Weeks
    Once A Month
    Other...please explain

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    Hi T Paul

    I didn't vote because I don't know. I am responding because nobody else has voted yet so thay may be in the same quandry. The different factors that I see are,

    -Seasonal - people have more/less time depending on the season
    -How much work is it for you to run these
    -How special does everyone want it to be, i.e. - does running it too often dilute it or make it more fun without the pressure?
    -Whatever way of organizing it that might entise people who have not yet participated to do it would be the best way to go -

    So, those that want to participate in art tag but have held back so far, would frequency be deciding factor in your comfort?

    I am leaning towards every two weeks, but the before question is probably more important. And, I don't know how critical it is that it be on a firm schedule...



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      I voted for 2 weeks. I thought that with an average of 10 people(in different time zones) participating, it should finish in about a week's time. Another round cannot start immedietely. So 10 days should be ideal.


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        Roger you asked some very insightful questions. I am really just getting a feel for how often people would like it run and if there are any ideas on how I can increase participation. The rounds won't be on a "fixed" schedule, but as close as I can get to what the majority want. If people want them more often I will try to accommodate that, but if they want them less then I don't want to be posting them unnecessarily. Also I do adjust for holidays as I like to enjoy them too

        As for time, they do require some time on my part to run them, but it's not that bad...I just have to make sure I am in town so I can keep the game running.


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          You are spot on that it takes about 10 days to run an Art Tag with all the different time zones, work hours, family outings, etc. so weekly would be quite difficult and ever two weeks is even cutting it close. Although roughly twice a month is doable.



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            I voted for every two weeks because I really like the game of Art Tag and have had a great deal of discretionary time this summer, a luxury which not all players have. How about instead of every two weeks or another specified period, Art Tag games always started on Fridays, as they have been, and then there is at least a week delay after the completion of one until the start of the next? Thus if a game is completed in ten days it would be three weeks between games, if less than a week it would be two weeks between starts.


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              T Paul,

              starting on a friday would seem ok for me too and every two to three weeks is allright. I'm back to work now but I find it doesn't take me too much of my time to really do them; The only nag I have is that you don't know when to expect it. I now you send a personal message but is it doable to know in advance (not exactly but the day to expect it) when it's your turn? So that other people shouldn't have to wait because of me. We're no planners so when something comes up we could well be away for the day or the evening. I know you ask to let you know that but sometimes I don't know that beforehand myself . Sorry

              But I sure would like to keep playing and I suppose once summer is ending more people get the time to come and play too



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                I now post in the Art Tag forum when the next game will be (once I plan one), and in the actually thread I post the players and their status. This way you can see where you are in the order of play and where the image is as I update it each time the image is passed.

                It's not an exact time schedule, but you can roughly know that your turn should be coming up that day if the person before you has the image. Then if you get busy or leave town at the last min, just send me a PM that you will be busy/gone until such and such day. I am pretty flexible with the time as long as I hear from the person. After all this is a game and meant to be fun.

                Last edited by T Paul; 09-17-2003, 12:58 PM.


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                  Ok T Paul,

                  As this indeed is a game we'll all supposed to be having fun so that's what we plan to do!