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  • Art Tag - Toast

    Yes it's time for another round of Art Tag. This round will start Friday 9 January 2004. By the way, Happy New Year to all!

    This time I went with a toasting theme...
    If you want to play and I know you do...send me a PM!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Don't know how to play? Click here


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    The Players

    Who has signed up so far....

    Kissed Vixen
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      This round of Art Tag starts tomorrow (Friday 9 Jan). Are there any more players out there?



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        Seems like the same folks play each time. This is great, but I wonder if anyone else knows about Art Tag?

        Spread the word, invite folk from other forums, and don't forget to subscribe to the Art Tag announcement thread.
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          Round Has Started

          This round has officially started, but you can still sign up if you want to play! Below is the status so you can follow the progression of the game.

          Players Status:
          Roger_Ele - Done
          Kissed Vixen - Done
          Gina - Done
          Welles - Done
          Rondon - Done
          TwinbNJ - Done

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            art tag

            I like playing art tag but each time I realize i'll need to install an ftp utilility again... i wonder if that makes some folks hesitate..

            prehaps i'm missing something but couldn't it just be an uncompressed jpg file that is sent to the next participant ?

            a short while ago I had several low level viruses one of which was reputed to have entered thru ftp.

            maybe i'm alone but I don't often have an ftp device installed.

            anyhow I enjoy participating enough so it's always worth the effort and am surprised there aren't more folks involved.

            thought I'd add my thoughts...



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              You can FTP via any web browser by browsing to the address ftp://[email protected]

              It will ask you the password (which T changes each round, along with the username).

              FTP won't download any file you don't ask it to, so you might have gotten an infected file via FTP, but it wasn't because of FTP.
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                ok well guess I'm off base there... altho I still don't really understand... I was aware that browsers were supposed to be capable but never really had much luck... thanks doug .. I'll keep hammering at it this time until I see how that works.

                still i wonder if if this deters folks.



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                  Interesting point Rondon. I was just working on a poll to find out why more players don't play Art Tag.

                  Art Tag Poll
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                    Round Officially Closed

                    Great job to all the players!

                    Here was the starting image from Stock.xchng. Photo by spazticwon.

                    I wonder how many of your thought you would be working on champagne glasses when I said the theme was "toast" (grin).

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                      Here is how it changed from player to player....
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                        And the final results!

                        Some of you should not be allowed in the kitchen (grin)

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                          Fun Kitchen

                          Ok I feel so boring having just done utensils, this end image looks way more like my house!! heheh

                          Looks great!! another fun round.

                          A thought on the FTP thing, for Rondon,
                          you don't need to uninstall the ftp each time, just shut it down.
                          Ftps can have security problems but no more then say windows!
                          and most people have that running all the time!

                          As for FTPs just open it when you want to grab the art tag picture then shut it down til you need to upload it again.
                          You don't need this to be running at start up or anything, just open it when you need it
                          Its not possible for people to access it if its shut down, and the few moments it takes to download or upload your art tag image, you will be fine.

                          Also look into the options of your ftp, and disable anonymous users allowed, this means no one can enter without a password and user name that you create for them.

                          hope this helps, cause the more the merrier when it comes to art tag!!



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                            Thanks kissed... actually Doug pointed out an easier way... most browsers will do ftp... Just enter this in the address window and it is fairly simple from there..

                            ftp://[email protected]

                            at about the time the virus snuck in I was using ftp for a site I was building... actually it was my browser doing the ftp ... anyhow the virus might have originated then.

                            yup... kitchens a mess.... maybe the resident janitor will clean it



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                              Our most surreal Art Tag yet
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