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Examples of Art Tag

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  • Examples of Art Tag

    Here's a real tiny look at what we do with the art-tag adventure.

    The nice part is that it's a community effort..... some look real nice ... some startle you.... none are masterpieces .
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    Hmmmmm ....... I thought the last one -- Cafe was a masterpiece!

    And the socks, who can ever forget what the socks went through !

    The toast was a real SHOCKER also!!!!!

    If you have never played this, give it a try...... It is a blast, this is one game that makes you think, gets the creative side of you going, and the anticipation for that final result!

    Don't let that ftp thing bog you down! you can ftp right from your browser!!!!!


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      Thanks RonDon for posting a quick sampling of Art Tag.
      It was fun reviewing some of the past rounds. It always amazes me what direction each object takes. It truly is a painless process and great practice as you are only altering a small portion of the image. So don't be afraid to try your hand at it. We won't bite, and if you have any questions just ask me or one of the players. All levels of expertise are welcome!



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