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    Originally posted by roger_ele
    Hi, this was fun.
    I have been thinking that since there is the rule of not covering up art work these art tag pieces end up being artistic collages. Don't get me wrong, I really do think this is a fun challenge and the results can be very interesting and unique. But i would like to suggest an occasional alternative format of art tag done metamorphesis(sp?) style where each person should leave a recognizable trace of what was there before them. By the last person it might be recognizable - but everyones effort would contribute to how the image transformed...

    Any thoughts?
    That's an interesting idea. I'm willing to give an experiment a try and see how it turns out.

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    The first "art tag" site I ever saw works on that concept...It is really more like art tennis between two players.
    Maybe we could add art tennis with multible players. But keep in mind it is enevitable that some pieces will get lost. So possibly posting the progression from player to player could work.

    Additional thoughts ?


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      Art Tag Variations

      Art Tag Metamorphosis….I like the name! Perhaps Art Tag Quilt does what you have in mind. Each player gets a piece of the image to apply their own artistic effect to while maintaining the image’s overall content. Then all the pieces are reassembled for a quilt like final image.

      As for the team concept, Doug and I have been working on a new version of Art Tag that will incorporate teams. You won’t compete against each other, instead it is to show how many options a single image has…how differently it can be approached and so on. Teams will sign up, they will all get the same image and then each team will pass the image back and forth between the team’s members until they think it is finished. More to come later!


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        Sounds like a great idea that could be pretty challenging and provide some real learning experiences


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          All great ideas!

          I think quilt and metamorphosis are different in that the effect of the whole image is considered in meta... and each section seperately in quilt - but both sound good. We could also do quilt - then rotate squares for a quilted metamorphosis , or the same members could metamorposise the whole quilt when the pieces are put together - (it is not usually good to make things too complicated, so I am kond of kidding - but you never know what one idea can lead too ...)



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