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  • Randomizer 3

    Yes it's time for another round of, everyone all together now….Art Tag!
    This round will start Friday April 16 2004.

    In the randomizer version of Art Tag, instead of everyone adding to a single image, each player will be given a random image to incorporate into the main photo. Yes random image! This should challenge your creativity and produce some interesting results!

    If you want to play, just send me a PM and be sure to spread the word and bring some new players with you!

    Want to learn more about Art Tag? Click here.

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    The Players

    Here is who has signed up so far....

    Jeff L
    Kissed Vixen
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      Come on Folks!!!

      This is pretty darn fun. You have a chance to show how creative you are here.
      The bottom line is that Kissed Vixen and Rondon will have to cover for me if we don't get more players here


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        This round has started, but it's not too late to sign up! Below is the current status of the players and what items they had to add:

        The Players:

        Jeff L - Done; added Rock and Fruit
        Kissed Vixen - Done; added a sandal (hint it's hidden in the rock)
        Rondon - Done; added the fish
        Duv - Done; added ram skull
        Jeanie - Done ; added building
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          This Round is Closed

          Thanks to all the players for another great round of Art Tag!

          Photos from

          1. Background; Dumbarton Rock 3 by benpalombo
          2. Fruit; Baking Day 5 by lynnc
          3. Fish by h4rd
          4. Sandal; Sandalia de dedo by marcoaor
          5. Ram Skull by jf
          6. Houses in Amersterdam by spierson
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            Here is how it changed from player to player...
            Attached Files


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              And the final results!!!!
              Attached Files


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                I love that final "filter" that was applied. Assuming you did that T. What filter is it?? It really "finishes" the final image!



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                  First I cloned out the buildings on the left and sunk the ram's head a bit into the sand. I didn't want to send the image around again, but it was lacking so I tried to finish it with some filters. I used KPT6 reaction filter, plus a bit of burning and curves adjustments to boost the color. Then I topped it off with a Splat edge pixel filter.


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                    Being the person to add the last piece, I agree it needed something else to finish it! I really like what the reaction filter did to the image!



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                      I needed one more player, and I thought about randomizing a photo for myself and adding it, but the image was starting to get full of objects and I thought it needed something else to complete it. So I decided that I would have some fun and experiment with those filters I never use. I tried several before I got the results I liked.

                      So as you add your object or element from your object don't be afraid to experiment with your plug-ins, filters, brushes and so on. Let the creativity flow! I was particularly impressed in how Jeanie changed her houses to the glowing ghost temple. You all had very difficult objects to add to this background. It was fun to see how you chose to add them.

                      Thanks to all the players as you did a great job. For next rounds' game send me a PM if you want to play regular Art Tag or Randomizer!
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                        really nice

                        and my shoe didn't get covered

                        another great final image, and yah the filters added soo much. Nice edges too!!
                        I am a complete filter junky, they can be so fun

                        nice job everyone



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