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  • Contest Images

    Do you have an image that would be perfect for a future contest? Post them here and they just might be used!

    We are looking for all kinds of images...retouching, colorization, perhaps a portrait to turn into a glamour shot and so on. Got a challenging photo? Post it here!!
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    Don't forget I am always looking for images for future contests....
    • Have an image that needs retouching?
    • Have two images that need to be combined?
    • Want your photo glamorized or turned into art?
    • Have a black and white image that you would like colorized?

    Post your image here or send me a PM with your idea!


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      This photo is a toughie and may be a nice one to put in a future contest. This is a jpg, but I could send it in higher resolution and tiff if you would like. What makes this tough is that it has severe color distortion that is not uniform. There is texture in the print and a variety of artifacts. The tie or whatever on the left side of the print leaves the retoucher with a problem.
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        Thanks Philbach! I will keep it in mind!


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          Looking for Portrait Shots

          I am looking for a good portrait shot to use for July's Glamour Retouch Contest. Does anyone have a photo I can use? You will need to have the permission of the person in the photo. Send me a PM and we will discuss it further.



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            Still looking for phots as well as ideas for the monthly contests...PLEASE!


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              no photos, though i'm looking a bit, but i do have an idea for you. most all of us know of the Muppets, and being good Muppet fans, we most all of us know about Miss Piggy and Kermit's, uh, relationship. now, let's say they got married. and let's further say they had children. hey, they're Muppets... who knows for sure the idea, therefore, is what would the children actually look like?

              i'll let your mind dwell on that one for a bit



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                How about a contest for changing a background (seems everyone is always looking to change backgrounds in their images).
                There are plenty of good quality, high res, and free images to use here:


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                  I've used some photos from the following site.


                  On that site, there are some beautiful scenic photos of Ireland that might give someone a contest idea.


                  I hope this helps.



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                    Thanks for the input everyone!

                    I will always be looking for photos and suggestions so don't hesitate to add to this thread.


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                      How about a composite competion - pixulz's post in the critiques section made me think of it. I don't know how one would do it exactly - either one person selects all the images, or you get people to submit one each, with maybe some retouch or restoration requirement thrown in?


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                        Why not just find a color photo with several defects. moire, color casts faded etc

                        I think the last three contests have been more towards retouching or photo-art. So why not a restoration?

                        But still it should have good photographic quality and scanned with high quality. It should be possible to bring out the qualities from the original data rather than trying to recreate the picture.

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                          Here's an image I took that I'd like to see what people would do with it. Either in a Challenge or Photo-Art thread.
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                            For all images containing recognizable people, we also need the individual's permission to use their photo.


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                              T Paul,

                              I have a photo from the '20's that I've been thinking would make a great contest restoration challenge. Only 2 of the people are still living and they were very young in the photo, hence not recognizable today. Would I still need permission to post it? It probably wouldn't be difficult to get permission.

                              From instructions from Doug in Archive section:

                              Do not upload if you don't own the rights to the photo. Do not upload if you don't have permission of anyone recognizable in the photo (unless they're deceased)
                              Question: How does one determine who owns the rights to the photo if it's just something that has been passed down through one's family? I've got some great old stuff that I'd like to contribute to the Archives but I don't know if I have the right to.