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Calibrate Your Monitor


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  • Calibrate Your Monitor

    Looking through the contest entries, and reading the discussion about images being "too dark", it would seem that a lot of monitors out there are uncalibrated. For anyone viewing this type of site, it really is quite important to have a calibrated monitor.

    Here is a painless, quick, 2 step way to check you monior:
    Step 1:
    Step 2:

    Note: Let your monitor warm up for about 30 minutes before testing.

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    Another oft-repeated tip here is to remember to work in the sRGB colorspace when it's for publishing on the web (like for this contest).
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      more in depth monitor calibration

      a relatively simple site about colors and color management and monitor calibration. might be a old post.

      Calibrating with your Eye


      Calibrating with tools
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        I tried to use Vikki’s links.
        I can set the white point and the black point separately but can’t get a setting where they are both correct. When the black point is set the display look too bright.

        I tried adjusting the contrast and brightness on the monitor and I tried using the gamma control software of the graphics card (Ati All in Wonder Pro)

        The Monitor is a Samtron 995 Plus 17” (Same as Samsung) and I’m using ST995P color profile

        Any Ideas?

        Also I can set the colour temperature of the monitor. I have it set to 7100K is this OK?



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          what do you mean by display too bright? the blacks aint black enough?


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            This is nightmare stuff for me, I have two LCDs both same brand and model and both have different factory settings. When fully calibrated, both burn the retinas out of my eyes, way too harsh, so have to accept what is workable for me, also both monitors have different hues, despite being same make and model - go figure


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              Sorry if I wasn’t very clear.

              What I mean is when I go to Vikki’s First Link to adjust the black point. I can do this and get it set right.
              Then I go to Vikki’s second link to set the white point but I can’t see any of the patterns because setting the black point has brightened my display too much so I have to darken my monitor to see the patterns.
              This, of course means that I can’t see any of the blacks at the first link again.

              Hope that is clearer.



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                That’s what I mean by too bright. I set the black point correct and than my monitor is hurting my eyes.
                If I set the brightness so that it does not hurt my eyes then I cant see any black in tetsuo’s link until the value gets to 10.



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                  Brightness and Contrast

                  Monitor calibration involves much more than correctly setting brightness and contrast. The RGB values have to be calibrated as well and the best way to do this is to use a calibration device such as Gretag Macbeth's EyeOne Match.

                  I realize that these devices may be cost-prohibitive for some users but if you work in this industry, you probably know someone who has one available that you can use.

                  I have a CRT sitting beside an LCD Wacom Cintiq21 and I have to have exact matching color on both monitors. The EyeOne does the trick every time.


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                    Originally posted by Cameraken

                    That’s what I mean by too bright. I set the black point correct and than my monitor is hurting my eyes.
                    If I set the brightness so that it does not hurt my eyes then I cant see any black in tetsuo’s link until the value gets to 10.


                    from what i think it's your contrast is too high. try setting the blacks with brightness first then for the too bright, reduce the contrast so that the midtones gets pulled out. this only tweaks the GAMMA only. as for color, you still need a device to get the colors right.

                    ok i know i am cheating a little. my HP laptop tuned by gretagmacbeth, i can see from number 3 onwards. if you can only see from 10 onwards. the brightness is too dark.. increase the brightness first... then reduce the constrast...