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  • Green..Kinda

    The inspiration was's -12 degrees F. outside. Walking outside and looking at the barn makes one wish for slightly warmer and more salubrious conditions. To put this together involved the following steps:
    (1) Use barn with snow as background.
    (2) Duplicate layer, desaturate, apply layer mask and with airbrush tool at 35 setting selectively paint back in some color.
    (3) drag and drop then transform to fit, photo of fawn.
    (4) Apply layer mask to fawn layer and blend using airbrush at low setting.
    (5) Drag and drop and transform a photo of a summer sky into the composition above the fawn and barn at upper Lt. of photo. Apply layer mask and using airbrush, lo setting, blend it in. Flatten.
    (6) Apply Oldmovie filter, add adj. layers for levels, curves and hue/saturation to tweak the overall look.
    (7) Duplicate background, change blend mode to multiply with opacity at 40%, flatten. Duplicate background again, apply gaussian blur at 4, apply layer mask and with airbrush paint in some sharpness in areas that looked like they needed it. Quit

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    hey tom

    i like it. it reminds me of some old movies ( ) where spring goes rolling in (or maybe it was cartoons) and the color spread progressively across the screen, very satisfying.


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      The power of Green! No snow here, yet, but I still wish you'd send some of that Green power this way

      Good work.
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Looks great Tom. So that's the creativity you get into during those cold winter days? Really paints the difference in the lush green of summer vs the cold shades of gray of winter.


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          Wonderful dreamy old time quality, Tom.

          And here I was calling it cold in Tennessee. I have to tell you, I would NOT have stepped outside to look at the barn (or anything else) if it was -12 here!



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            Tom, I am new to this forum, but just wanted to say great work. I am looking forward to learning a lot here.

            Happy New Year,


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              Nice job! A lot of us can relate to that! I think everyone in our northern states has seen something similiar to that in their minds many times before spring. C'mon spring!!


              Welcome to the gang. Stick around. We have a good time here (and we actually learn something too!).



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                Thanks for the input ....Welcome Lynda! You will like it here, lots of good folks and great ideas/tips/ solutions to problems etc.---by the way, it warmed up to -2, time to drag out the lawn chair. Tom


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                  Brilliant idea, I like it. Your imagination is in better form than mine.
                  (I can't get past a vision of Kermit for this challenge).


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                    Thanks, everyone you have made me feel very welcome. I am into genealogy and I have several old photos. So geer up I will be asking for lots of help.

                    Tom, I thought it was cold here in Korea. It is currently 16 degrees. That's pretty cold for a girl from Texas. :p


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                      Welcome Lynda!

                      If it makes you feel any better, it's not *a lot* warmer down toward your home turf right now. I am in TN and it's in the 20's right this minute. My brother and sister-in-law have been visiting from Texas and are heading back today and will be crossing their fingers that they don't hit snow between here and there....brrrrrr (Of course, Tom over there would have his lawn chair out and call this a heatwave...LOL)



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                        Really nice job. You blended the two seasons in pefectly.

                        Fortunately I can't relate to the cold weather your having. I live in Everett, WA. In late November we had snow, but it melted the same day. The temperature here has been averaging in the mid-40's to low 50's. Along with the mild temperatures, of course, is rain, rain, rain!



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                          This is really nice work. I could see it on the front of a Stephen King novel...looks ghostly to me.



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